14 February 2007

From the begining... 1990 - 1992 (11)

At some point, possibly in the 1990s or possibly much earlier, a team of Russian geologists locates rock from the Tunguska meteorite. The rock contains an organism, probably extraterrestrial in origin, that invades human bodies. It comes to be called the "Black Cancer." Russians begin perfecting a vaccination. Eventually the Conspiracy learns of its existence and begins efforts to acquire samples of the rock and organism.
Working for the conspiracy, Dr. Bonita Charre-Sayre uses her position as a consulting physician for a chain of convalescent homes to test patients with Black Cancer, without their knowledge. She begins a relationship with the Well Manicured Man.
She also begins advocating the destruction of the last samples of smallpox virus, held in research laboratories following eradication of the disease. This position is the result of her secret knowledge of the use of smallpox by the Conspiracy.
The Russian government may have sent Alex Krycek to America as a mole to infiltrate the Conspiracy with the ultimate plan of ending Conspiracy Black Cancer research. On the other hand, maybe the Russians did not know that Alex was an agent of the Consortium, or maybe somebody else. It is hard telling. (Terma)

Reggie Purdue assigns Mulder to a serial murder case involving girls age 8 to 12, thinking Mulder can get inside the killer's head. A profile written by Mulder helps catch John Lee Roche, who had traveled the Northeast as a vacuum cleaner salesman. Each girl he killed was abducted from her home and strangled with 8-gauge electrical wire. He kept a heart-shaped patch of cloth from the chest of each victim, hiding them in a copy of Alice in Wonderland, and hiding the book in the head liner of his white El Camino. Roche confesses to the murders of 13 girls, dating back to 1979, and is sentenced to life in prison. He does not mention his three earliest murders. The case comes to be called the Paper Heart murders, because of the cloth hearts he took as trophies. Mulder hopes to someday find the trophy hearts, and see if there were only 13 murders. (Paper Hearts)

The American Voyager 1 spacecraft crosses the orbit of Neptune, effectively leaving the solar system. (Little Green Men)

Dana Scully completes medical training. The FBI recruits her during final months of her residency and she enrolls in the 15-week FBI Academy training course. Her parents consider her joining the FBI to be an act of rebellion, but Dana sees it as a place where she can distinguish herself. (Pilot)

In joining the FBI, Scully walks away from her affair with medical school teacher Daniel Waterston, a married man. Scully considers spending her life with him. Her reasons for breaking off the relationship are complex, and not totally clear. At one point she says that one reason for ending the affair was to protect Waterston's family. Note that the chronology of Scully's medical school, internship and residencies is vague. Waterston was apparently teacher to Scully in connection with her internship or residency. Her residency may, however, have been served after joining the Bureau.
Waterston is devastated when Scully leaves. He ends up divorcing his wife, Barbara. His daughter, Maggie, takes the divorce hard, and blames Scully.
Scully's father, in particular, does not approve of her decision to enter the FBI, and never actually tells her prior to his death that he accepts her decision. (Beyond the Sea)

Spring 1990
Scully graduates from the 15-week new agent course at the FBI Academy, and is presently assigned to teach at the Academy, because of her medical degree. An infamous instructor is Nancy Spiller, a forensics specialist known by the nickname The Iron Maiden. (Lazarus) One student is Kelly Ryan, with whom Scully remains in contact, among other things telling her about Mulder. (Soft Light) (Note that the chronology of Scully's medical training suggests that her residencies may have been served after becoming an agent -- possibly at Quantico, where she has said to have taught during these years.)

At an outdoor elementary school fair in Dexter, Oklahoma, Billy Underwood is kidnapped and later killed by the owner of a pony ride carousel. Teenager Ronnie Pernell, son of the pony ride owner's girlfriend, comforts Billy, including singing to him, before Billy is killed. In spite of a lengthy investigation, police never identify a suspect. Mrs. Underwood is already pregnant with her second child, Josh. (Invocation)

Fox Mulder may have had a brief marriage circa 1990. In ''Travelers'' he is seen to be wearing a wedding ring, although it is not referenced in the episode. David Duchovny has been quoted as saying that it was his idea to give Mulder a wedding ring as well as to show him smoking in Travelers. He said he wanted to give Mulder a wife that he never ever would talk about. On the other hand, in The End, we learn about Mulder's relationship with Diana Fowley, around this same time. Were they married? Did Mulder pick up with her after his divorce? Did Mulder have some reason for wearing a wedding ring when he was not married? What about the Lone Gunmen's comment placing the Mulder-Fowley relationship as far back as 1986? (Travelers and The End)

Early 1991
Mulder's success in violent crimes allows him a certain latitude to pursue his own interests. He discovers the X-Files. (Pilot)

Lone Gunmen later tell Scully that Diana Fowley was Mulder's "chickadee" at the time he graduated from the FBI Academy, in 1986. On the other hand, Diana implied that she and Mulder knew each other in 1991, about the time she graduated from the FBI Academy. One conclusion is that they had a relationship dating back to 1986, and she applied to the FBI later. At any rate, the Lone Gunmen say that Diana was present when Mulder discovered the X-Files. This apparently happened given the tip provided to Mulder by former FBI agent Arthur Dale in November 1990. (Travelers and The End.)

On a west Texas highway, a human body is found with its skull smashed in and with a strange wound on its back. The murder remains unsolved for some years. The body has formerly been occupied by a parasite that is capable of taking complete control of the human body, but which finds many humans unsuitable. (RoadRunners)

Michael Kritschgau claims in 1997 that his son, Michael Jr., is very ill as the result of Conspiracy chemical warfare experiments during the Gulf War. (Gethsemane and Redux)

Militia member Timothy Edward Mayhew, tells Scully and Mulder in 1996 that the "Black Cancer" was used as biological warfare during the Gulf War. No corroboration of this statement has been found. (Terma)

Supersoldiers fight during the Gulf War. (Providence)

The Church of the Red Museum moves from California to Delta Glen, Wisconsin, buys a "ranch" and turns the cattle into pets, because they are vegetarians. They refer to themselves as the second souls of the first bodies, making them what Mulder later calls "Walk-ins," a new age idea that holds that new souls can be invited to take over existing bodies, and lists Abe Lincoln and Charles Colson as walk-ins. (Red Museum)

Circa 1991
In 1994 Deep Throat says that only recently has technology been available for the Conspiracy to manipulate alien DNA, accomplish combinations of human and alien DNA, run from Los Alamos. He says Zeus Storage, somewhere in the Washington DC area, is where the first DNA transplant was made, and the first human/alien hybrid created, with six terminally ill human subjects volunteering. Dr. William Sakar recovers as the result of ET gene therapy, developing inhuman strength and the ability to breath under water and green caustic blood. A subject of study, Sakar soon becomes concerned that Conspiracy will not let him live -- if you believe Deep Throat. (The Erlenmeyer Flask)

February, 1991
During the Gulf War, a recon suad lead by Josepho is ambushed and takes heavy casualties. They were about to die he sees what he considers to be a vision from God -- four soldiers who he calls angels. The four, in standard military combat uniforms, run in and engage the enemy. When enemy fire strikes them, they are not wounded. After they defeat the enemy, they run off into the distance. Josepho remembers the first chapter of Ezekiel, "And behold, a whirlwind came out of the north and a brightness was about it and out of the midst came the likeness of four living creatures and they had the likeness of a man..." Josepho believes he is spared so he can deliver God’s message. Josepho becomes the leader of a UFO cult that believes aliens will come to rule the planet.
Josepho's squad is actually saved by a team of supersoldiers. (Providence)

December 1991
Mulder receives the assignment he has desired since joining the FBI, The X-Files, ending his partnership with Lamana. (Musings...)

The assignment is effective in January. (Inferred from Never Again, which indicates January is Mulder's anniversary date for purposes of vacation leave.)
One of his first actions is to open an X-File on his missing sister. (Conduit)

At Dogway, West Virginia, a UFO crashes, and a critically injured EBE is recovered by the UFO recovery team working for Deep Throat. The EBE is placed in an intensive care unit. Humans working around the alien use gas masks. This could be because the air needed by the alien is unbreathable to humans or because the alien's blood generates noxious gas. It has also been suggested that Deep Throat, the Cigarette Smoking Man and their associates already know about the Black Cancer and the retrovirus, and the gas masks are to protect them from infection.
Deep Throat comments that the craft matches the dimensions of a UFO seen over Hanoi that the Marines could not shoot down when he was with The Company (CIA). (Of course, if they couldn't shoot it down, how did they learn its dimensions?) The Cigarette Smoking Man says it comes at a bad time, because the planted Roswell story is gaining momentum.
Russian forces track the UFO, and pinpointed touchdown. KGB, Chinese, British, and German operatives probably advance on the compound where the EBE is held.

February 1992
Mulder's work attracts the attention of the Conspiracy. They look for a way to reign Mulder in without making him a martyr. He tries to access certain information, but is blocked by higher offices. (Pilot)

NICAP, the National Investigation Committee on Aerial Phenomenon, begins following the work of Agent Mulder. Using the Freedom of Information Act, NICAP obtains Mulder's travel vouchers, to track his investigations. (Fallen Angel)

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