13 March 2007

Season 1: The Erlenmeyer Flask (1X23)

Writer: Chris Carter
Director: R.W. Goodwin

Mulder receives a phone call from Deep Throat telling him to turn on Channel 8, there is a police chase in progress which ends when the fugitive is shot and plunges in to a lake. But photographic evidence from the scene shows that the car the fugitive was driving had been switched. Mulder and Scully trace the original car to a Dr Berube, but he is reluctant to co-operate. With nothing to go on Mulder is ready to give up, when Deep Throat contacts him again and tells him he has never been closer to the truth

Meanwhile Dr Berube is found dead in his lab, Mulder recovers a flask of liquid labeled 'Purity Control' which Scully takes to be analysed. The contents are identified as bacteria that is extraterrestrial in origin. Mulder following another lead discovers a warehouse full of bodies suspending in green liquid, however when he later returns with Scully the warehouse is empty. Deep Throat contacts Mulder and explains that Dr Berube was running a government funded project using alien DNA in gene therapy. Using terminally ill patients as guinea pigs.

The fugitive on the TV, Dr Secare was one of his patients. He also tells Mulder that a government black squad is working against them. As witnesses begin to die and the evidence is systematically destroyed, Mulder and Scully have to push the official limits and risk everything, including the X-files in an attempt to expose the truth. And Mulder's contact Deep Throat pays the ultimate price.

When Jerry Hardin (Deep Throat) received his copy of the script, a note from series creator Chris Carter was attached to it. The note said: "Nobody ever dies on The X-Files".

The tagline for this episode changes from "The Truth Is Out There" to "Trust No One." This phrase is spoken by Deep Throat with his dying breath.

The first season finale ends pretty much the same way as the first episode of the series: Scully waking up and the clock changing from 11:21 to 11:22 and Cigarette Smoking Man stores the alien fetus in the huge vault beneath the Pentagon as he did with the implant in "Pilot".

Deep Throat: Trust...trust no one.

Mulder: You know, from day one, this has always been on your terms. I've gone along. Been the dutiful son. But maybe this time, we can just cut out the Obi-Wan Kenobi crap and you can save me the trouble.
Deep Throat: I fear you've become too dependent on me.
Mulder: Let me tell you something. I've got plenty to do without chasing down your vague leads or trying to decode your circular logic. Maybe it's you who's become too dependent on me... on my willingness to play your games.
Deep Throat: Mister Mulder?
Mulder: What?
Deep Throat: Don't give up on this one. Trust me. You've never been closer.

Conspiracy Info:
We learn the Conspiracy has alien tissue, and is seeking to create an alien/human hybrid.

Episode Number: 24
Season Number: 1
First Aired: Friday May 13, 1994
Production Code: 1X23

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