07 March 2007

Season 1: Shapes (1X18)

Writer: Marilyn Osborne
Director: David Nutter

Browning, Montana. Following a number of attacks on their cattle, rancher Jim Parker shoots a wild animal after it attacked his son Lyle. However when he examines the animal closer he discovers the body of a Native American man, Joseph Goodensnake. Mulder and Scully discover physical evidence from the scene, tracks that change from animal to human foot prints and a scrap of shredded skin. Mulder is quick to suggest Lycanthrophy, the very phenomenon which opened the very first X-file in 1946. Scully is quick to rebut him, with the Parker's in dispute with local Native Americans over land rights there may be a more conventional explanation to the case.

Mulder and Scully travel to the Trego Indian Reservation where they meet Sheriff Charlie Tskany, who shows them Goodensnakes' body. During the examination Mulder notices that Goodensnakes' front teeth are elongated like an animals. Sheriff Tskany denies Scully's request for an autopsy as it would be in violation of Native American burial rites. When Jim Parker is killed in an animal attack suspicion falls on Goodensnakes' sister, Gwen missing since the attack. However Mulder interviews an elderly Native American man Ish, who tells him about the Native American legend of the Manitou. A mythical spirit with the power to turn men into beasts. If Joseph Goodensnake was affected then his sister Gwen could also be a shape-shifter.

The sound effect of the Manitou's roar consists of 12 different elements.
The original script had a scene where a cow would be blocking the agents' car. Scully would try to shoo the beast out of the road by waving her arms and yelling: "Baseball glove! Leather purse!".

Ish: I sense you are different, FBI. You're more open to Native American belief than some Native Americans.You even have an Indian name - Fox. You should be Running Fox, or Sneaky Fox.
Mulder: Just as long as it's not Spooky Fox.

Mulder: I want to believe.

Episode Number: 19
Season Number: 1
First Aired: Friday April 1, 1994
Production Code: 1X18

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