16 March 2007

Season 2: Ascension (2X06)

Writer: Paul Brown
Director: Michael Lange

There is a message on Mulder's answer phone from Scully, the recording includes the sound of Scully being attacked. Mulder rushes to Scully's apartment only to find the police are already there. There are signs of a struggle, Mulder realises that Duane Barry has kidnapped her.

Margaret Scully, Scully's mother arrives at the scene and she tells Mulder that she had a dream that her daughter had been taken. But Mulder re-assures her that he will find Scully. Assistant Director Skinner removes Mulder from the FBI investigation telling him he is too close to the case. However when a patrolman is killed by Duane Barry, video footage from his patrol car shows that Scully is still alive.

From the route Duane Barry is taking and his description of the abduction site in the travel agents office Mulder concludes that he is heading for Skyland Mountain in Virginia. Mulder and Krycek travel to Skyland Mountain, they discover that Duane Barry has already driven up the mountain road. Mulder gets the operator to turn on the cable cars in an attempt to head Duane Barry off at the summit. However Krycek kills the operator and reverses the cable car, Mulder manages to reach the summit by leaping to another cable car, but he is too late to save Scully.

Mulder arrests Duane Barry who claims that the aliens took Scully instead of him, before Mulder can question him further he dies in the presence of Krycek. Mulder attempts to bring charges against Krycek, but the FBI can find no trace of him.

This episode's tagline changes to 'Deny Everything', spoken by X: "They only have one policy Mister Mulder... Deny everything".

The song that Duane Barry is listening to on his way to Skyland Mountain is "Red Right Hand" by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, featured on the X-Files album "Songs in the Key of X".

David Duchovny performed his own stunts in the aerial tram sequence. The Skyland tram is most likely the Grouse Mountain tram near Vancouver in real life. You can see the Vancouver area when Mulder escapes from the tram.

Duane Barry: (yelling at the sky) They can't touch Duane Barry anymore!

Mulder: Who are these people who can just murder with impunity and we can't do anything about it?
Skinner: Let it go, Agent Mulder.
Mulder: Like hell.
Skinner: There's nothing you can do.
Mulder: What can you do about it?
Skinner: There's only one thing I can do, Agent Mulder. As of right now, I'm reopening the X-Files. That's what they fear the most.

Plot Holes:
Another example of the way "X-Files" plays fast and loose with time: Duane Barry kidnaps Scully in the evening - presumably he doesn't take her back to his home since that's the first place the FBI would look, so it's logical to assume that he immediately set off for Skyland Mountain with her. He shoots the state trooper sometime early the next day near the Blue Ridge Parkway, but although Mulder and Krycek don't figure out his destination and get on the road until sometime that afternoon, Barry somehow manages to reach the bottom of Skyland Mountain only forty-five minutes before the FBI agents do, even though he appears to have had at least a twelve-hour head start! Did he stop to do a lot of sightseeing along the way?

Episode Number: 30
Season Number: 2
First Aired: Friday October 21, 1994
Production Code: 2X06

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