23 April 2007

Season 3: Grotesque (3X14)

Writer: Howard Gordon
Director: Kim Manners

When a serial killer who mutilates his victims is finally caught by Special Agent Bill Patterson, head of the FBI's Behavioural Science Unit, and Mulder's former mentor. But the murders continue, Mulder and Scully are assigned to help out in the case by Assistant Director Skinner. John Mostow confesses to the murders, but claims that he was possessed by an evil spirit that made him kill.

Agent Patterson resents Mulder's involvement in the case, he is derogatory of Mulder's work on the X-files, of what he has become in the bureau. Mulder explains to Scully that Patterson has had a grudge against him ever since his days as a student at the academy, because Mulder who not worship Patterson like the other students did. Mulder and Scully visit Mostow's apartment and find sketches of gargoyles hanging on all the walls, which Mulder believes was Mostow's attempt to protect himself.

In a hidden room Mulder finds clay gargoyle statues, which contain more bodies. With Patterson and Scully trying to figure out if it is an accomplice of Mostows' who now continues his grisly quest, or the work of a copycat killer. Mulder instead concentrates on the possibility that it might be demonic possession. But as Mulder immerses himself in the case Scully begins to worry about his state of mind. And she is also concerned about Patterson's motives towards Mulder as she discovers that despite his attitude to the contrary Patterson requested Mulder's involvement in the investigation.

To prepare himself for this episode, Kim Manners - the director - listened to the music of "Jacob's Ladder" over and over again.

Agent Nemhauser is named after X-Files Post Production Supervisor - Lori Jo Nemhauser.

Scully: You're not going to tell me when your love affair with Patterson ended?
Mulder: Patterson never liked me.
Scully: I thought you were considered his fair-haired boy when you joined the bureau.
Mulder: Not by Patterson.
Scully: Why not?
Mulder: Didn't want to get my knees dirty.

Episode Number: 63
Season Number: 3
First Aired: Friday February 2, 1996
Production Code: 3X14

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