22 May 2007

Season 4: Demons (4X23)

Writer: R. W. Goodwin
Director: Kim Manners

After a vivid vision from his childhood of his mother and father arguing, Mulder wakes in a motel covered in blood with no memory of how he got there. He telephones Scully who drives to the motel to help him. Scully discovers that two rounds have been fired from Mulder's gun but he has no recollection of firing his weapon. Scully traces the owners of a car parked outside Mulder's room, they travel to the home of David and Amy Cassandra, only to find them both shot dead.

Blood from the two victims match the blood on Mulder's shirt and he is taken in to custody by the local police, but is later released when evidence concludes that the Cassandra's were involved in a murder-suicide. Traces of the anaesthetic Ketamine is found in Mulder's blood, which Scully realises could account for his memory loss. It turns out that Amy was an alien abductee, who was undergoing treatment by a local psychiatrist, Dr. Goldstein to recover memories using an unconventional therapy to stimulate electronic impulses in the brain.

Mulder again has a vision this time about the relationship between his mother and the Cigarette Smoking Man. As Mulder confronts his mother accusing her of choosing his sister Samantha to be abducted instead of him. Scully tries to explain to Mulder that it is the drugs affecting his mind, that his memories can not be trusted. Mulder realises he was being treated by Dr. Goldstein too and in a desperate attempt to discover the truth, he returns to finish his treatment.

Like Cassandra Spender in Season 5, Amy and David Cassandra are named after the Greek phrophetess Cassandra, who was cursed by the god Apollo. Not unlike Mulder, everything Cassandra said was true, but no one ever believed her.

This is the only episode written by producer R.W. Goodwin.

Mulder: I had those peoples' blood on my shirt, Scully. I was missing for two days. I have no recollection of my actions during those two days. There were two rounds discharged from my gun. I had the keys to this house, the keys to their car. Do the words "Orenthal James Simpson" mean anything to you?

(Mulder hears his parents arguing in the next room.)
Mrs. Mulder: How can you do this to our family?!
Mr. Mulder: I'm not doing it! It's not just me. These orders arecoming down from...
(His father appears in the doorway, looks at him, and slams the doorshut. Mulder looks over and sees a young Cancer Man in another room, smoking a cigarette.)
You're a little spy.
Mrs. Mulder: No! No!

Mulder (pointing his gun at Scully): Get away!
Scully: Are you going to shoot me, Mulder? (he nods) Is that how much this means to you? Mulder, listen to me. You have been given a powerful hallucinogen. You don't know that these memories are yours.This is not the way to the truth, Mulder. You've got to trust me.
Mulder: Shut up!
Scully: Put down the gun. Let it go.
(Outside, the officers hear shots.)

Scully: (writing on her computer) Although cleared of any wrongdoing in the deathsof Amy and David Cassandra, agent Mulder still has no recollection ofthe events that led to their deaths. His seizures have subsided, withno evidence of permanent cerebral damage, but I'm concerned that thisexperience will have a lasting effect. Agent Mulder undertook thistreatment hoping to lay claim to his past--that by retrieving memorieslost to him, he might finally understand the path he's on. But if thatknowledge remains elusive, and if it's only by knowing where he's beenthat he can hope to understand where he's going, then I fear agent Mulder may lose his course, and the truths he's seeking, from hischildhood, will continue to evade him... driving him more dangerously forward in impossible pursuit.

Highlights from ''Demons''

Episode Number: 96
Season Number: 4
First Aired: Sunday, May 11, 1997
Production Code: 4X23

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