30 July 2007

Season 6: Dreamland II (6X05)

Written by: Vince Gilligan, John Shiban and Frank Spotnitz
Directed by: Kim Manners

Still trapped inside Man-In-Black Morris' body, Mulder manages to evade the brig when his fellow MIB cohorts discover that the flight data recorder Mulder tried to give Scully was a fake. They come to the conclusion that Mulder was trying to run a scam on the FBI. Mulder plays along and the MIBs are relieved, but still want the original flight data recorder back. Mulder waffles, but tells them he has it and that he'll return it.

Meanwhile, Scully is put on suspension and Morris (in Mulder's body) tries to ease her pain by inviting her to his house for a home-cooked meal. Suspicious at first, she agrees. But when she gets there, she finds an immaculate apartment and an actual bedroom she never knew Mulder had. Things are just a bit too weird. She confronts Morris about the switch and he comes clean, further explaining that he has no idea how to switch back.

A reluctant Morris accompanies Scully as she reveals to Mulder that there may not be a way to reverse this process. But somehow, one of the MIBs discover that the time warp is snapping back, reversing time in the process. He positions Mulder and Morris in the right time at the right place and their personalities are returned to the rightful bodies. Their memories of the past few days are rewound as well and no one remembers a thing. This perplexes Mulder when returns home to find a spotless apartment.

This is the first episode that we see Mulder's bedroom. The question where Mulder slept was discussed rather vivedly in the past on the Internet.

Fletcher comments that Saddam Hussein is really a dinner theatre actor named 'John Gillnitz'. The name is a combination of the writers names: John Shiban, Vince Gilligan & Frank Spotnitz.

Scully says to Mulder-in-Morris's-body, "I'd kiss you if you weren't so damn ugly" which is what Zira (Kim Hunter) said to Charlton Heston at the end of Planet of the Apes.

The "mandroid army' scoffed at by Fletcher is a sly flashback to the season 3 episode "Jose Chung's From Outer Space".

Morris (as Mulder): Baby...
Scully: 'Baby' me, and you'll be peeing through a catheter.

Scully: Agent Mulder has become AD Kersh's new golden boy. He's been tasked with returning the flight data recorder that he and I stole. The son of a bitch confesses to Kersh even more than I do to my priest. I'm just tagging along for the ride.
Mulder (as Morris): What do you mean, "just tagging along"?
Scully: I'm out of the Bureau. I've been censured and relieved of my position.
Mulder (as Morris): No. You can explain it to them like you explained it to me. You have the data. You can make them understand. You can get your job back.

Mulder (as Morris): Hey, Chris. Hey, I like the, uh...The, uh... The nose...
Christine: Ouch! As if.
Mulder (as Morris): Terry. Buddy. Hey, Terence. Sorry. How's it going?
Terry: Mom says she's taking out a restraining order on you.

Morris (as Mulder): You hate me now, right? Dana, I'm sorry I narced on you to Kersh, but I...I was scared you were going to lose your job.
Scully: You did the right thing, Mulder.
Morris (as Mulder): I did?
Scully: I've been telling you for years you should play more by the book, haven't I?
Morris (as Mulder): Hey, it's the new me.

Highlights from ''Dreamland I & II''

Episode Number: 122
Season Number: 6
First Aired: Sunday, December 6, 1998
Production Code: 6X05

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