29 August 2007

Season 7: Orison (7X07)

Written by: Chip Johannessen
Directed by: Rob Bowman

Reverend Orison leads a service with a group of inmates in the chapel at the Marion maximum security penitentiary in Illinois. During the service his cries of "Glory, amen," are answered by the inmates stomping their feet in unison. Among the congregation is Donnie Pfaster.

After the service one of the prisoners, Brigham catches his fingers in an electric saw while working in the garment machine shop. With the guards and other inmates attending to Brigham, Donnie Pfaster escapes. Mulder and Scully as the agents who caught Donnie Pfaster, a death fetishist, in the first place are called in to help track him down.

Mulder suggests to Scully that she should remove herself from the case, considering her past history with Pfaster, but Scully is adamant that she should be with her partner. They interview Brigham, who is uninjured despite the accident that everyone witnessed, Brigham suggests it is a miracle. But Mulder recognises his use of of the phrase "Glory, amen," and the unconscious tapping of his feet as evidence of post hypnotic suggestion.

Suspicion soon falls on the Reverend Orison, Mulder belives he has the ability through ancient chants to induce mass hypnosis, enabling the inmates to escape unnoticed. Reverend Orison believes he is making amends for the time in his life when he was acquitted for a murder that he did commit. However it appears there are wider implication to his actions. Donnie Pfaster abuses his freedom to hunt down the one victim who eluded him, Scully.

The definition of 'Orison' is "A Prayer".

The song that plays often through out the episode is "Don't Look Any Further" by Dennis Edwards & Siedah Garrett.

Marshall Daddo: He's a sick man.
Mulder: Sick would describe him. We found women's fingers in his freezer. He liked to eat them with his peas and carrots.
Marshall Daddo: So it's just women he's after?
Mulder: Just women. Been five years in here thinking about only that. I'm sure he's worked up quite an appetite.
Marshall Daddo: I happen to know you two agents have a particular forte — a thing for... what is it called? The supernatural? Now, the circumstances of the escape...
Scully: I promise you there is nothing supernatural about this man. Donnie Pfaster is just plain evil.

Mulder: Post-hypnotic suggestion. Did you see him?
Scully: You mean, did I see him raise his foot? Yes, I saw that.
Mulder: A programmed behaviour prompted and manifested by suggestion in this case, a rhythmic motion of the hands producing a unconscious act in a conscious state. (He raises and lowers his hand in front of Scully) Doesn't work on you.
Scully: I know what hypnosis is, Mulder.
Mulder: Group hypnosis.
Scully: If you're suggesting that Donnie Pfaster escaped from prison using a technique from a Vegas lounge act I'd think again.
Mulder: Mesmer was able to hypnotise and command entire audiences.
Scully: So, how would Donnie have acquired this amazing ability?
Mulder: I'm not saying that it was Donnie.
Scully: Well, then, who?
Mulder: Three inmates are missing from three separate prisons. One man has had possible contact with each of those cons. The prison chaplain. Glory. Amen. Not god, the chaplain. Scully, what?
Scully: That song — can you hear that?
Mulder: Barely.
Scully: I haven't heard that song since high school. That's the second time I've heard it in the last hour.
Mulder: Well, I think if it was a make out song I think it'd be ruined forever now, huh?

Reverend Orison: What is this?
Mulder: Blood of the lamb, Reverend. Handiwork of Mr Donnie Pfaster — a young girl he picked up at the bus stop.
Reverend Orison: Oh, Lord.
Mulder: Where is he, Reverend?
Reverend Orison: He took my car. She wasn't supposed to die.
Mulder: No. Donnie was supposed to die. You were supposed to kill him. That's why you freed him. God knows you're capable of it. (to Scully) The Reverend Orison is really Robert Gailen Orison — convicted in 1959 of first degree murder. Served 22 years in Soledad.
Reverend Orison: God spoke to me. He told me to look after Donnie.
Mulder: When god spoke to you, Reverend, did He happen to mention where Donnie was headed?

Scully: Go back to hell!
Donald Pfaster: Who does your nails, girly girl?
Scully: Let me go! The only reason why you're alive is because I asked the judge for life! The only reason why you're alive is because we didn't kill you when we could!
Donald Pfaster: You're the one that got away. You're all I think about.
Scully: I'm a federal agent. You do anything to me and they will not give you a break this time.
Donald Pfaster: I'm going to run you a bath.

Highlights from ''Irresistible''

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Episode Number: 146
Season Number: 7
First Aired: Sunday, January 9, 2000
Production Code: 7X07

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