25 June 2008

Season 9: Nothing Important Happened Today (1) (9X01)

Written by: Chris Carter & Frank Spotnitz
Directed by: Kim Manners

A man, Carl Wormus, intrigues a woman in a bar by mentioning that the government is adding chloramine to the water supply. They go for a drive together but as they near a drawbridge the woman grabs the steering wheel sending them plunging into the water. She grabs his ankle to stop him escaping.

Monica Reyes meets up with Assistant Director Follmer in his office. Follmer hands Reyes two videos which contain footage of the underground garage where Doggett and Skinner fought off "super soldier" FBI agents. But the video shows nothing out of the ordinary. Meanwhile, at a water reclamation facility, a worker is pulled underwater by the woman from the bar.

Doggett shows up at Scully's apartment to tell her that Mulder isn't living in his apartment anymore. Scully already knows but refuses to elaborate further. Skinner urges Doggett to drop his investigations. Scully agrees but Doggett tells her his supposed friend, Knowle Rohrer, had tried to kill him and Skinner in the garage.

Doggett gets home and finds a photograph of him and Rohrer in the marines so decides to find out about Rohrer. Coincidentally, the woman from the bar, Shannon McMahon, is also in the photo. McMahon sneaks into the FBI and leaves an envelope containing Wormus' obituary. Doggett pursues the lead by calling Scully into the morgue where she determines that Wormus drowned but notes the bruising on his ankle.

The Lone Gunmen tell Reyes that Doggett and Skinner left to investigate emails sent to Carl Wormus from a worker at the water plant named Roland McFarland - the man Shannon McMahon drowned. Doggett and Skinner sneak into the main control room where Doggett finds files relating to chloramine. Follmer tracks the men but Doggett slips into a filtration tank to get away. Suddenly Shannon McMahon surfaces and grabs hold of Doggett and pulls him under the water......

The opening titles get a major revamp for this last season. The basic concept is still there, but some images are added. One shot shows a list of "FBI Contacts, Witnesses, and Contributors." The names on this list are actually the screen names of posters on the official "X-Files" message board and changed with each new episode that season. Other names on the list were anagrams of characters on the show.

The character of Brad Follmer is named after creator Chris Carter's writing assistant.

When Doggett meets with the Lone Gunmen, their faces are blue. This is a reference to an incident in the series finale of "The Lone Gunmen", "All About Yves".

"Nothing important happened today" (or words to that effect) was the entry King George III of England made in his personal diary on 4 July 1776. (Since he could not have known about the events occurring in the colonies for several weeks, his comment is often cited as a bit of historical irony.)

Assistant Director Follmer: Monica?
Reyes: Hi.
Assistant Director Follmer: What are you doing?
Reyes: I was leaving you a note. Your assistant was out and I didn't want to knock. I was going to call you... Hi, Brad.
Assistant Director Follmer: Come on in. (As Reyes enters the office, Assistant Director Follmer kisses her) What?
Reyes: We're at work.
Assistant Director Follmer: You used to ask me to close the door at work back in New York.
Reyes: Is that all you called me here for, Assistant Director?
Assistant Director Follmer: I probably shouldn't tell you how hot you look either, because you do. How long's it been? Two years?
Reyes: Yeah. We should catch up, Brad. Really. I've got to get downstairs.
Assistant Director Follmer: I've got something for you. (He takes a pair of video tapes out of his desk drawer) Forgive me, but... it didn't take a whole lot of digging to figure out why you're here in DC, Monica.
Reyes: What are those?
Assistant Director Follmer: Something you're going to see, but... I wanted to show you first. They were taken from the security cameras in the FBI parking garage. One of them... shows you arriving in a cab meeting John Doggett.
Reyes: Yeah, I'm working with him. He called me up here on a case.
Assistant Director Follmer: I heard. Believe me, this whole thing about a... chase and a crash and a fire. And now Doggett's internal investigation of Deputy Director Kersh, it's... big news"
Reyes: What's so important to show me? What's on the other tape?

Skinner: I don't know where Mulder is. I don't know that I'd tell you if I did.
Reyes: (to Doggett) I checked with movers, airlines, car rental agencies... No Mulder.
Doggett: Somebody get to him, that it? Doesn't seem possible, does it? (to Skinner) Okay, so where's that leave us? It's just me and you, our word against Kersh and the FBI.
Reyes: You'd better sit down, John. It's more complicated than that.
Doggett: What's more complicated?
Reyes: This investigation.
Doggett: What about it?
Skinner: I want to ask you to drop it.
Doggett: No, not from you. Not from you. Not after what we've been through. I mean, we barely escaped with our lives.
Skinner: That's something worth thinking about.
Doggett: I'm sorry, you're not that reasonable. What, did they get to you, too?
Skinner: No one got to me, John, they didn't have to. That's the point.
Doggett: You're afraid of them.
Skinner: I'm not afraid of them.
Doggett: Well, you're afraid of something. What? The real tape showing up? Them calling you a killer for you having to shoot Alex Krycek?
Skinner: No, I'll stand by my actions, Agent Doggett, but I won't stand by yours if you're going to continue to push and push until you get somebody killed. You want to know what I fear? I fear for Mulder and Scully. I fear for the life of that child if you don't stop pushing, John.
Doggett: You don't think I fear for those things, same as you?
Skinner: If you did, you'd let it go.
Doggett: So what I'm hearing is... if I don't drop it, I'm alone on this.
Reyes: John. You're not.

Doggett: I'm really sorry. I... Dana, I need your help.
Scully: I don't know how to find him.
Doggett: It just doesn't make any sense. Mulder leaving you here all alone. Just walking out on you, not telling you where and why.
Scully: It makes sense in its own way. That's all I can tell you.
Doggett: Then tell me why you can't trust me. Everything I did to try to protect you when you thought your baby was in danger. What changed? Why is it suddenly I'm now the enemy?
Scully: Let it go, John. Drop it. Please.
Doggett: These people tried to kill me. They tried to kill AD Skinner. They would have killed Mulder, too. They're still out there, Dana.
Scully: Exactly right, and they are unstoppable, and they are inside the FBI.
Doggett: You know something you're not telling me. Mulder knows something. How long can you hide from it? Knowle Rohrer, this old military buddy of mine, he told me your pregnancy was a result of a Government cloning experiment to try to create what he called a Super Soldier.
Scully: I don't want to hear this. Look, there is nothing to any of this.
Doggett: Knowle Rohrer, my buddy, was one of the men that tried to kill us in the FBI garage.
Scully: My baby... my son... is fine.
Doggett: I hope to god that's true. I just don't want to pretend.
Scully: I'm going to ask you to leave. I'm going to ask you to leave and not come back here.

Scully: Water. Asphyxiation induced by the inhalation of water. There's contusions on the forehead and on the chest but the impact isn't what killed him. This man drowned. You're looking at me like you hope that there's something more, but there isn't.
Reyes: I'm sorry, that's not it. I'm just impressed that you can do this.
Scully: This is what I do, Agent Reyes.
Reyes: But you're here doing it now. Something did happen, didn't it. I know what you're afraid of. That there's something wrong with your baby.
Scully: We can let our fears get the better of us. We can... imagine things, make connections with things that aren't there. Like with this man.
Reyes: If you ever feel the need to talk to someone, Dana, I'm here. I'd never betray a confidence.
Scully: There is something.
Reyes: What?
Scully: Right here on the ankle.
Reyes: Are those... fingerprints?
Scully: Yeah, that's what they look like.
Reyes: From someone holding him down?
Scully: I don't know how, or who.

Episode Number: 183
Season Number: 9
First Aired: Sunday, November 11, 2001
Production Code: 9A01

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