10 February 2007

From the begining... 1855 - 1931 (03)

Yellow Fever, spread by mosquitoes, kills many people in the United States as far north as Boston. This is the last of several epidemics of Yellow Fever to impact New York, although the last great Yellow Fever epidemic takes place in New Orleans in 1878. (Historical Accounts)
L.H. Rice is hospitalized in an epidemic ward and expects to die. He believes he sees a glimpse of Death walking through the ward, taking the souls. He closes his eyes and refuses to look at Death and his nurse died instead of him. He recovers from Yellow Fever and finds himself to be immortal. (Tithonus)

Union troops, having held Chattanooga, Tennessee, since September, join 60,000 other Union troops to attempt to capture the countryside around the city. After two days, Confederate forces still hold Missionary Ridge, southeast of Chattanooga, until the Union's General George H. Thomas moves in to relieve General Sherman, taking the ridge in the process. (Historical accounts.)

Confederate soldier Sullivan Biddle dies in a battle with Union troops in Hamilton County Tennessee, when Union troops of General Thomas catch up with the retreating forces of Confederate General Clayborn near Apison House. Biddle's lover, nurse Sarah Kavanaugh hides nearby in a bunker. 133 years later, Fox Mulder comes to believe he was Biddle in a previous life. (The Field Where I Died)

The Peacock family builds a farm in Home, Pennsylvania, and begins (or maybe continues) a practice of genetic inbreeding. (Home)

Four coal miners accused of killing a prospector in a claim dispute are acquitted in court. The dead man was found with his skin completely removed, apparently while he was still alive, at the Fitzgerald Mine near Novi, Virginia. The prosecutor says that justice was not served. (Hellbound)

Late 1800's
A religious sect settles near Steveston, Massachusetts. They believe in complete isolation from other people, except for the occasional visit to the Steveston feed store. Actually, they (apparently) are aliens, with the ability to change sex and to emit massive amounts of pheromones that can, among other things, create extreme sexual desire in humans. (Genderbender)
There is limited evidence that other enclaves of aliens may exist in other parts of the country, such as Georgia. (The Unnatural)

Marjorie Butters is born, according to the claim of the Smoking Man in the episode En Ami. She will still be alive in the year 2000 and will be offered as proof that the Smoking Man has technology that can end human disease and prolong life.

Eugene Victor Tooms commits a series of five murders in the Baltimore area, but is not captured. An apparent genetic mutation, Tooms has the ability to hibernate and to stretch his body. He begins a pattern of killing five people, taking their livers, and reentering hibernation every 30 years. The only murder to enter police records is of the man who lives upstairs above Tooms' apartment at 66 Exeter Street, Baltimore. (Squeeze)

The US Government Special Agent Force is renamed the Bureau of Investigation. (Historical)

June 30, 1908
At Tunguska, in Russian Siberia, a huge explosion occurs, laying waste to a 1200 square miles. No scientific study team reaches the site until 1927. It finds fallen trees in a pattern radiating outward from a central point. No crater is found. The angle of impact suggests to researchers that the object likely came from a trail of cometary debris the Earth was passing through at the time. (Historical)
Dr. Alexander Kazentsev is a member of the Russian scientific team and is struck that immediately under the center of the explosion, the tops of trees are missing, whereas their trunks are still standing. Surrounding them, trees are down in uniform directions, radiating out from the central point. Years later, he later studies the damage after the Hiroshima nuclear explosion, and finds tree trunks with their tops missing directly under the coordinates of the aerial bomb explosion, and trees farther away down in a radial pattern.
He returns to Tunguska in another expedition and finds radioactivity in the soil, as well as fragments of metal that appear to be alloyed. In his official report on the new expedition, Kazentsev concludes that the 1908 explosion was nuclear in nature, slightly more than a mile above the ground, and was the result of the explosion of "some very large artificial construction weighing in excess of 50,000 tons, which was being directed toward a landing when its atomic engines exploded." (Details from Stranger Than Science by Frank Edwards, copyright 1959, Bantam books)

A lawman disappears after failing to find the person who killed four others by skinning them alive. The lawman is the reincarnated victim of an 1868 murder in which he was skinned alive. The four 1909 victims are the reincarneted sould of the four 1868 murderers. A fifth person tries to prevent the murders but fails. (Hellbound)

In Maryland, young lovers Maurice and Lyla die in a murder-suicide pact because they are anguished by World War I and the great flu epidemic that is killing thousands of people across the country. Their pact is to always spend Christmas Eve together, even after death. They become ghosts, often haunting residents of the mansion as the result of their belief that murder-suicide is the greatest possible expression of love and togetherness. Over the next 80 years three additional murder-suicides occur in the mansion, always on Christmas Eve. A book is eventually written about Maurice and Lyla's deaths, "How the Ghosts Stole Christmas" by R. Grimes. (How the Ghosts Stole Christmas)

J. Edgar Hoover becomes Director of the Bureau of Investigation, later renamed the FBI. (Historical)
The Well Manicured Man is born, based on age of actor John Neville.
Arthur Dales is born, based on age of Darrin McGavin, and the fact that the young Dales in Travelers looked like he was in his early to mid-thirties.
Albert Hosteen is born, in Navaho land. He will one day become an elder and mystic in his tribe. (Date estimated by his service in World War II and by his apparent age at the time of his death in 1999.)(Amor Fati.)

Photographer Lewis Brady is convicted for the murder of two people. Lewis Brady is a pseudonym for Alfred Fellig, aka L.H. Rice, an immortal man who hoped to encounter Death as his victims died. He later walks away from a prison facility and is never recaptured. (Tithonus)

Eddie Van Blundht, Sr., is born with a vestigial tail and a unique layer of voluntary muscle under his entire layer of skin, which allows him to "make faces" and appear to be other people. (Small Potatoes)

Cigarette Smoking Man is born. (Based on being an adult in 1953, as seen in 731.)

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