10 February 2007

From the begining... 1932 - 1944 (04)

The Bureau of Investigation is renamed the US Bureau of Investigation, later to be called the Federal Bureau of Investigation. (Historical)

March 1, 1932
The abduction of Charles Lindbergh Junior from his bedroom, called by many the "crime of the century." The Bureau of Investigation participates in the investigation. A badly decomposed child's body is found May 12 and publicly identified as that of Charles Junior, although the medical examiner refuses to make a positive identification. Bruno Richard Hauptmann is eventually arrested, tried and executed for the abduction. Questions persist for decades that suggest his innocence. (Historical)

Victor Eugene Tooms commits his second series of five murders, in Powhattan Mill, but is not captured. Only four of the bodies are found, because one is buried in the concrete floor of a factory. Among the investigators is a young sheriff (or deputy?) named Frank Briggs. The crime haunts him for the rest of his life. (Tooms) (The Tooms crimes may be based on the Halls-Mill Murders, in October 1922 -- an infamous serial murder case in New Jersey that was never solved.)

A WPA logging crew vanishes in the Olympic National Forest in northwest Washington. (Darkness Falls)

Circa 1935
A series of photographs is taken of The Kindred, a sect of religious isolationists in Pennsylvania. In 1994, many of the same faces will be seen on the Kindred farm. They are apparently from another world. (Genderbender)

July 1, 1935
The US Bureau of Investigation is renamed the Federal Bureau of Investigation. (Historical)

Bill Mulder (Fox Mulder's father) is born. Based on the cemetary marker in Within. Note, however, that other episodes indicate that he was a military or intelligence officer circa 1952-53, sugesting a birth date ten or more years earlier.

September 3, 1939
Britain declares war on Germany after Germany invades Poland. (Historical)
Southwest of the Bahamas, the British ship SS Queen Anne is reported sunk by a German torpedo. Mulder believes that it entered the Bermuda Triangle and became caught in a time warp. In events that may be real or may be a dream, Mulder visits the ship in 1939 and learns that the German troops boarded the ship after picking up a radio message using the code word "Thor's Hammer." Initially they believe that the ship has left America with armaments but they learn that Thor's Hammer refers to a scientist who has expertise to build an atomic bomb. (Triangle)

September 27, 1939
Warsaw, Poland, surrenders to the Nazi blitzkrieg. (Historical)
Mulder believes he lives a previous life as a Jewish woman in the Warsaw ghetto. (The Field in Which I Died)

Margaret Scully (Dana Scully's mother) is born circa this year.

The Philadelphia Experiment may have begun as early as this year. Scully later says it was an effort to make battleships invisible to radar during World War II, but as the Manhattan Project heated up, it was de-emphasized. She says most of the scientists were relocated to Los Alamos, but Mulder claims most never made it there, and were transferred to Roswell, New Mexico instead. Mulder has also suggested that the Philadelphia Experiment reportedly caused the USS Eldridge to disappear from Philadelphia and reappear in Norfolk, Virginia, after the Roswell incident in 1947. (Dod Kalm) Other popular accounts suggest that it was in 1943 and that the ship disappeared in Norfolk and reappeared in Philadelphia. Some suggest that it teleported and some that it sailed while invisible. All accounts say that crew on the ship suffered or died as the result of the experiment.
The father of the Cigarette Smoking Man is executed in Louisiana, for espionage. The young Cigarette Smoking Man becomes an orphan. (Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man)

A Japanese medical unit, 731, conducts human experimentation similar to that of German Victor Klemper, experimenting on human subjects. Takeo Ishimaru is a leader of the effort.(731)

FBI Special Agents Sam Chaney and Tim Ledbetter disappear in Aubrey, Missouri, while investigating three rape/murders in which the word "sister" was slashed across the chests of the victims. The partners use psychology to solve crimes years before the FBI accepts the technique. It is learned years later that they were killed by Harry Cokley, then a resident of Terrance, Nebraska, an hour's drive away. Chaney was buried in a field and Ledbetter in the basement of the house in which Cokley lived at the time. (Aubrey)

Also sometime in 1942 six year old Josh Exley disappears from Macon, Georgia. At about the same time, an adult black man calling himself Josh Exley shows up in Roswell, NM, and begins playing baseball in the Cactus League. The adult Exley is a gray alien, shape-changed to appear human, because he has fallen in love with the game of baseball. The aliens do not allow participation in such games and he leaves "his family" without permission, planning to play in the cactus league because the scrutiny of the major leagues could compromise the secret of his background. An alien bounty hunter becomes a Macon police officer, planted to watch for missing person reports of the name Josh Exley, since apparently the aliens do not read sports news about minor league baseball. (The Unnatural)

The existence of DNA is discovered. (Historical)
A Navy transport plane carrying 42 year old Walter Chaco is shot down over New Guinea. He is the only survivor. He lives with the cannibalistic Jale tribe for six months before being rescued. He learns from them how to prolong life by cannibalism. (Our Town)

Navaho Albert Hosteen serves in the US military as a "code talker." He and his fellow Navaho servicemen communicate military message traffic in their native language, which serves as a "code" that the Japanese in the Pacific cannot break. (Anasazi)

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