12 February 2007

From the begining... 1970 - 1979 (09)

A group of marines at Paris Island submits to a surgical process that eliminates the need for, and their ability to, sleep. Included is Augustas Cole, nicknamed Preacher, because he quotes the Bible. The theory is that sleep is the greatest enemy a soldier has. The squad eventually refuses to take orders from its company commander, including an order to kill over 300 children at Phu By, in Vietnam. (Sleepless)

March 13, 1971
Birthdate of Minica Reyes, based on the birthday of actress Annabeth Gish.

November, 1972
Carl Sagan, Philip Morrison, Ashley Montagu and other scientists participate in a symposium sponsored by NASA on intelligent life in the universe. The session is recorded, and Fox Mulder eventually acquires a copy of the video tape. (Gethsemane)

The Adam and Eve clones in the Litchfield Experiment become homicidal. This may be about the time that Eve 8 escapes. The project is given the highest level of classified status by the Federal Government and all records are destroyed. Also around this time, Eve 7 enters college, with the goal of completing degrees in genetics and medicine. She takes the name Sally Kendrick. (Eve)
(The escape of Eve 8 was given as ten years after Eve 7 escaped, which was given as early in the history of the project).

October 13, 1973
(This entire date entry is based on One Son.)
State Department staff members have learned that the aliens encountered at Roswell are planning to colonize Earth in a process that will kill all humans. For reasons that are not completely clear, the Colonists negotiate to delay the colonization while the members of the Project develop both a means of distributing the alien Black Oil virus, as well as develop a race of human-alien hybrids that is immune to the Black Oil. The operatives of the project take a vote and agree to work with the Colonists as a way of stalling for time while they try to develop a defense against the Black Oil. In this way, the Conspiracy is born, and the new Consortium is not controlled by any government.
Bill Mulder is the only dissenting vote. When the aliens provide an alien fetus to the Consortium, providing DNA with which to develop the hybrids, Mulder devises a plan to use the DNA to create a vaccine, so that the entire human population might be saved.
When the humans agree to help the Colonists, the aliens demand that each give up a child or other loved one into the custody of the colonists, with the promise that they will be returned when the colonization begins. The plan is that they, as well as the members and other family of the Consortium, will receive the alien genes and become hybrids themselves.
It is unclear why the Colonists need help from humans, and why they are willing to wait for years for the hybrids to be developed. It is also unclear what use the Colonists would have for immune hybrids.
A dark, shadowy organization of people, mostly men, the Consortium eventually includes members from many countries. Conspiracy leaders and operatives do not hesitate at murder and other crimes to further the goals of the Conspiracy. The conspiracy is also known as the Consortium and the Syndicate. (Two Fathers, etc.)

Conrad Strughold becomes involved at some point and gains a position of authority in the Consortium. Meetings involving him are generally held in London, as opposed to most meetings of the Consortium which are held in New York. This suggests that he may be unable to legally enter the United States.
As time goes by, and no vaccine is developed, some members of the Consortium come to believe that slavery for the human race is better than death. They become more interested in their personal futures and gaining preferred status from the Colonists. Other members of the Consortium, however, apparently remain pure to the original goal of defeating the Colonists.

November 27, 1973
Samantha Mulder and Cassandra Spender both disappear. On this day Gerald R. Ford is confirmed as Vice President of the United States. Also on this date, Rosemary Woods admits that she was responsible for erasure of some, but not all of the 18 minute gap on a tape recorded in President Nixon's office. (Historical)

The date is given in the episode Conduit, which gives Samantha's address at the time as 2790 Vine Street, Chilmarc, Mass, different from the address on her smallpox vaccination certificate. It is repeated in Two Fathers and One Son, which makes clear that both women were taken on the same day.
Cassandra Spender, wife of C.G.M. Spender, is later confirmed to have been kidnapped repeatedly by the government conspiracy, working to make her a human-alien hybrid. C.G.M. Spender is later determined to be an alias of the Cigarette Smoking Man. (Two Fathers)

Someone who is apparently Cassandra is seen in One Son preparing to enter the alien spacecraft along with other loved ones of the Consortium members. Either this delivery of family members took place after November 27th or it was not really Cassandra seen on screen.
Samantha is said in One Son to have been taken later than the others, because Bill Mulder delayed "coming to his senses" about the plan. In the X-Files Movie novelization, the Well Manicured Man tells Fox Mulder that his father refused to believe that victory against the Colonists consists of merely staying alive. WMM says that Samantha was abducted, to be taken to a cloning program so she would become immune and survive. WMM also says that Bill Mulder's hope for FOX was that he would uncover the truth about the Project and do everything possible to stop it.
It is unclear why Cassandra was apparently taken by the aliens but returned for experimentation.
Samantha is taken just as her older brother, Fox, is getting ready to watch his favorite TV program, The Magician, starring Bill Bixby. Their parents are next door, visiting the Galbrands. (Little Green Men)

In Conduit, Mulder's voice on his hypnosis tape says as Samantha is being taken, he hears a voice in his head saying she will return someday, which is something he says "I want to believe."
Fox comes to believe Samantha has been kidnapped by aliens. Mr. and Mrs. Mulder separate soon after and divorce. William Mulder later sells the house in Chilmark and buys a home in West Tisbury, also on Martha's Vineyard. (Paper Hearts) After her divorce, Mrs. Mulder later lives in Greenwich, Connecticut, keeping much of her property in storage in the basement, including a vacuum cleaner. (731 & Nisei; Paper Hearts) By Sein Und Seit she is living in an apartment, rather than a house.

Samantha ends up in the care of C.G.M. Spender and she lives with his family in residential quarters on the April Air Force Base in California. Jeffrey spender is apparently living with the family, as well. Both of the children's hand prints are placed in fresh concrete outside the family home. Samantha is subjected to repeated tests that she comes to hate. (Closure)

Young Fox has a recurring nightmare in which he wakes up and thinks he is the only person left in the world. He is always reassured to find his father in the study, eating sunflower seeds. (Aubrey) He often closes his eyes when he climbs the stairs of his house, hoping that he will open them again and his sister will be in her room. (Conduit)

Government sponsored testing of radiation treatment on civilians, without first obtaining permission, ends. (Historical)

Dr. Zama continues his experimentation in West Virginia. (731 & Nisei)

According to the Bounty Hunter, posing as CIA agent Ambrose Chapel, around the mid-1970s, several of the Soviet "Gregor" clones enters the United States to infiltrate the medical industry to be ready to commit sabotage in the time of war. The Bounty Hunter was probably not telling the truth. (Colony and End Game)

June, 1978
Morris and Joanne Fletcher are married. He soon becomes a "man in black" working at Area 51 to mislead the American public about the existence of aliens. (Dreamland II)

Morris Fletcher later says that in 1979 he "created" Saddam Hussein, putting dinner theater actor John Gilnitz into the job of ruler of Iraq to that Gilnitz could make trouble every time a distraction was needed from other affairs. (Dreamland II)

Computer genius Donald Gelman is offered a commercial deal that could set him up as another Bill Gates. He goes hiking in the Sierras to think it over and disappears. His disappearance is infamous among computer geeks, but in reality he goes into hiding to pursue his own projects, in part because he is being investigated by the NSA. Gelman is one of a group of Silicon Valley pioneers although at age 28 he is the "old man" and is not really "one" of them, although he works with them. One of his key interests is the fledgling networks that will become the Internet. He also has significant interests in artificial intelligence. (Kill Switch)

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