12 February 2007

From the begining... 1962 - 1969 (08)

April, 1962
A UFO is seen by many witnesses to fly across the United States. First seen near Oneida, New York, it is reported in several states. A UFO, probably the same one, lands near a power substation in Utah, causing a large blackout. The UFO later apparently explodes in western New Mexico, lighting up the evening ski in nearby Reno. The light of the explosion is reportedly visible in California. The Atomic Energy Commission denies that any nuclear test is conducted on this day. Air Force personnel state to reporters that the UFO has been racked on radar. (News accounts)
On December 24, 1991, Deep Throat mentions "all of our work in the past 30 years, all of our victories..." to the Cigarette Smoking Man, implying that their work together, or a major project began in late 1961 or early 1962. (Musings...) This does not particularly agree with One Son, which places 1973 and 1947 as the major events in the history of the Consortium.

October, 1962
The Cuban Missile Crisis. (Historical)
William Scully is at sea with the US Navy during the missile crisis, presumably participating in the blockaide of Soviet ships. When he arrives home, a favorite song, Beyond the Sea, is played in his honor. His wife later mentions something about him marching off the boat and proposing to her. (Beyond the Sea) Given that Melissa Scully was born in 1962 (Apocrypha), either Maggie Scully was not clear in her statement about the proposal, or Melissa was illegitimate. If Bill Scully's girlfriend was pregnant, this would have given him strong motivation to propose as soon as he was released from crisis duty.

November, 1963
The Smoking Man, under the name of Hunt (probably borrowed from E. Howard Hunt) gets Lee Harvey Oswald to leave a rifle on the sixth floor of the Texas Schoolbook Depository, under a pretext. He participates in the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, firing from a storm sewer opening. All record of his service is eliminated, and he moves on to other highly classified assignments. Lee Harvey Oswald is made a patsy, although he fires no weapon at Kennedy. Knowing of the conspiracy, Oswald kills a police officer he believes to be a Conspiracy operative. He is subsequently arrested at the Texas Theater, where he has gone to try to find Cancer Man. Feeling the stress, Cancer Man begins smoking more, and enjoying it less. (Musings...)

Victor Eugene Tooms commits a third series of five murders. Detective Frank Briggs holds a desk job and is not permitted to investigate, but gathers information on his own, including photographing Tooms as a suspect. He remembers the MO from thirty years earlier, and preserves large amounts of evidence, including a section of liver tissue and the photos of Tooms. (Squeeze/Tooms)
A fleet of six Soviet mine sweepers vanishes on the 65th parallel, northwest of the British Isles. The seas are calm and the sky sunny. (Dod Kalm)

January 22, 1964
Samantha T. Mulder is born. Her smallpox vaccination certificate (seen in Paper Clip) says the family lives at 62 Greer Street, Martha's Vineyard, Connecticut (even though the island Martha's Vineyard and the community of West Tisbury is in Mass.)

February 23, 1964
Dana Katherine Scully is born to William and Margaret "Maggie" Scully. (One Breath) Her birth certificate (seen in Paper Clip) says the family lives at 1170 W. 53 Road, Annapolis, MD. (February 23 established in Lazarus.) Her two brothers are Bill Junior and Charlie. Their exact ages are unknown, although in "Roland" Dana says one brother is older and one younger. Dana's older sister, Melissa, was born in 1962. (Apocrypha) Presumably Bill, Jr., is the eldest son, both because of his name and because he tends to act like an older brother in various settings.

Takeo Ishimaru reportedly dies, but continues his work in secret, attempting to combine alien and human DNA. The conspiracy relocates him to Perkey, West Virginia, under the name Dr. Shiro Zama. He operates a Hansen's Disease Research facility. Other people are periodically brought in, kept segregated, and during "treatment" sustain severe burns. (These burns could result from simple radiation experimentation or from exposure to alien life, such as found on the Pacific UFO.) (731 & Nisei)

March 16, 1966
The Gemini 8 mission suffers serious thruster malfunctions, causing the craft to tumble and roll after the first-ever American spacecraft docking in space. The crew battles the malfunction with manual thrusters, and eventually aborts the flight for an emergency reentry, landing in the Western Pacific. The crew consists of Neil Armstrong and Dave Scott. (Historical)

The episode Space indicates that Astronaut Marcus Aurelius Bolt was on this flight, and that there was also an oxygen loss. The implication is that some entity intercepted the spacecraft, and somehow took at least partial control of Belt's mind. In Space he will be seen to morph uncontrollably. There are implications that in the future he will be forced to participate in sabotage of certain space missions.
(When originally broadcast, it was probably the intent that actual aliens had intercepted Belt in order to keep humans from learning about their existence in the space nearby Earth. In light of later seasons, the Conspiracy may well have had reason to limit NASA, and may have used hypnosis, alien gene therapy treatments and spacecraft based on alien technology to intercept Gemini 8.)

November 14, 1966
What is known as the "Mothman flap" begins, in a field near Salem, West Virginia. A creature with glowing red eyes, described as two inches wide and six inches apart is seen several times over the course of the following year. The creature is described as shaped like a man, but larger, and also sometimes described as having wings, like a bat or moth. It is sometimes reported to be able to fly without flapping its wings. Some descriptions say it has no head, and the eyes are set in its shoulders. Television interference is sometimes reported in association with the Mothman. All reports of the Mothman are generally around the Point Pleasant, West Virginia area. During the same period of time, over 1,000 UFO sightings are reported in the Ohio River Valley area, part of a major world-wide "flap" of UFOs, culminating with the collapse of a Point Pleasant-area bridge on December 15, 1967, that kills 37 people, and coincides with an intense series of UFO sightings in one evening. Things then return to normal. The best scientific explanation for the Mothman is a series of sightings of the rare Sandhill Crane, a very large bird with red eyes. (News accounts)

March 1968
A group including General Frantz and J. Edgar Hoover consults Cancer Man about how to discredit Martin Luther King. Cancer Man, who respects King, also considers him to be a threat, because he has begun using Marxism as an illustration of the negative aspects of democracy. Cancer Man becomes concerned that if King were to convince black men to not serve in the military, the Vietnam War would be lost. He tells Hoover that the only alternative is to assassinate King.(Musings...)

April 4, 1968
Cancer Man assassinates Martin Luther King at the Lorraine Motel, room 306, in Memphis, shooting from the bushes at the top of an embankment directly across from the motel, as opposed to the rooming house bathroom, as believed by some authorities. Cancer Man still carries the photo of one year old Fox Mulder, and his mother, obtained from Bill Mulder in 1962. (Musings...)

Raul, possibly taken from Raul Bloodworth, is the name given by James Earl Ray, arrested for killing Dr. King, who was actually on an errand for Cancer Man during the assassination. Ray discovers that he is a suspect and escapes Memphis. He is eventually arrested in London. Ray confesses, hoping for a light sentence. He is sentenced to 99 years, and recants his confession three days later. (Historical)

Circa 1969
A UFO is seen over Hanoi. The Marines attempt unsuccessfully to shoot it down. Deep Throat is with "The Company" at this time. (Musings...)Apparently referring to the same incident, Deep Throat later tells Mulder that he became one of the three men to have exterminated an alien, with the CIA in Vietnam. He tells Mulder that the death of that innocent alien haunts him and that is why he wants the truth to be known. (E.B.E)

Deep Throat may have been blurring the facts, and may have actually been describing the killing of an alien in 1991. (Musings...)

Antiwar activist Micah Hoffman is a focal point of the counterculture movement across the country. Mulder described him as one of the original Weathermen, the first Yippie (i.e. a politically active hippie) and also said that he played on the baseball team at Columbia University. As the years pass, Hoffman changes his approach, undermining authority by forgery of documents, including documents that subvert the church and religious teachings. He studies the life of Christ in such detail that by the year 2000 he comes to believe that Christ inhabits his body. (Hollywood A.D.)

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