26 February 2007

Season 1: Beyond the Sea (1X12)

Writers: Glen Morgan and James Wong
Director: David Nutter

Agent Scully wakes in the middle of the night to the image of her father in the room with her. Then the phone rings, it is her mother with bad news her father has passed away!

A young couple are kidnapped near Jackson University a year to the day after another couple were kidnapped and later found tortured and dead. Mulder is a little surprise to see Scully back at work, but she assures him she is fine and needs something to keep her mind off her father's death. Mulder tells her that he has been contacted because convicted serial killer Luther Boggs, who is scheduled for execution the following week, claims to have acquired psychic ability while in prison. Boggs is prepared to use his ability to save the two missing college students in return for a reprieve from the gas chamber.

Mulder whose profile helped to capture Boggs in the first place, is sceptical of his claims. Scully, coming to terms with her father's death, has difficulty deciding what is truth and what is not, especially when Boggs appears to know so much about her and her father and even claims to have a message from her father. Even when details provided by Boggs lead Scully to an abandoned building where she discovers evidence of the couple being held there, Mulder is sceptical of Boggs' ability, he believes that Boggs is in contact with the kidnapper.

Scully can not decide if Boggs is for real or not, but she is prepared to go along with Boggs in order to save the kidnapped couple before it is too late.

This is the first episode that makes reference to Mulder's pornography obsession. Future writers and episodes will use this again and again, mainly for humor.

James Wong and Glen Morgan won a Digital Hollywood Award in the category "best digital writer" for this episode. James Coblentz won a Monitor Award for "best editing" for this episode.

The episode title is the name of Scully's parent's favorite song. It was played when William returned home after the Cuban Missile Crisis and when he married Margaret, and it is also the chosen music when his ashes are scattered at sea.

Episode Number: 13
Season Number: 1
First Aired: Friday January 7, 1994
Production Code: 1X12

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