27 February 2007

Season 1: GenderBender (1X13)

Writers: Larry Barber and Paul Barber
Director: Rob Bowman

Mulder and Scully travel to Germantown, Maryland to investigate the latest in a spate of serial sex killings of both male and female victims. All of the victims were found dead with high levels of pheromones in their bodies following a sexual encounter. When security camera footage of the latest victim shows him arriving home with a woman and sometime later a man leaving the apartment, Scully suspects they are dealing with a transvestite. Mulder believes they are looking for the ultimate sex machine, that has the ability to change sex. A substance found at the murder scene is traced to a small town in Massachusetts, where an Amish-like community called the Kindred live.

Mulder and Scully go to investigate this reclusive religious group and after surrendering their weapons are invited to dine with the sect members. During the meal they question the Kindred about the murders, they claim no interest in the affairs of the outside world. When one of the older members begins choking Scully attempts to help him but is forbidden to do so. That evening Mulder and Scully carry out their own clandestine surveillance during which Mulder witnesses the man who was choking at dinner lying in an underground catacomb apparently changing sex.

Meanwhile Scully is approached by Brother Andrew who tells her that another member Brother Martin was seduced by the world and left the sect, that he is responsible for the murders. But the Kindred are hiding an even bigger secret.

This is the first episode where the credit "Music by Mark Snow" appears during the opening credits and not the closing credits.

Nicholas Lea co-starred in this episode as Marty's would-be victim, Michael. He will return in season 2 to play Alex Krycek.

Scully: I don't understand, how can they just disappear? They have no means of transportation.
Mulder: No earthly means of transportation.

Episode Number: 14
Season Number: 1
First Aired: Friday January 21, 1994
Production Code: 1X13

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