10 March 2007

Season 1: Born Again (1X21)

Writers: Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa
Director: Jerrold Freedman

When New York Detective Barbala is thrown through a second story window to his death, the only person in the room is an eight year old girl, Michelle Bishop. She claims to have seen another man in the room, the description she gives matches Charlie Morris, a policeman who was murder by Triads nine years before. Judy Bishop, Michelle's mother tells them that Michelle is disturbed and under psychiatric care. Mulder and Scully question Tony Fiore, Charlie Morris' former partner, he is not very helpful and acts nervous.

When Mulder and Scully leave he telephones a former policeman Len Felder and tells him about the FBI agents visit, they along with Barbala were involved in Charlie Morris' death and the cover up that followed. Later that night as Len Felder gets off a bus, the door closes trapping his scarf and he is dragged to his death. Sitting on the bus a few seats back is Michelle. Mulder and Scully find it more than a coincidence that Michelle was witness at two deaths in as many days. As they investigate they discover that Barbala, Felder, Fiore and Charlie Morris were involved in a drug deal shortly before Charlie Morris was murdered.

Mulder also interviews Michelle's psychiatrist and discovers that Michelle mutilates dolls with the exact wounds that Charlie Morris had when he died. Mulder believes that Michelle is the reincarnation of Charlie Morris and holds the key to the solution not only of the current case but also a nine year old murder case.

David Duchovny has stated that he hates this episode.
Mulder's line in this episode: "There is a documented case of a man from Ohio who could influence undeveloped film. He could create shapes on the negative from his mind." In the fourth season, a man with similar abilities is featured in the episode "Unruhe".

Scully: Pathologists are paranoid by nature.

Scully: Do me a favor, Mulder. Let me say it. Reincarnation.
Mulder: Metempsychosis, transmigration, reimbodiment, call it what you will.
Scully: All based on the coincidence that Michelle Bishop and Officer Morris both practice the obscure art of paper folding?
Mulder: Well, what about the composite drawing and the dolls and the fact that Michelle was witness to two deaths that can be tied to Charlie Morris?
Scully: So what, you think he's back like Peter Proud to avenge his murder?
Mulder: It's not so far-fetched, Scully. Reincarnation is a basic tenet of many major religions.
Scully: That still doesn't explain how an eight-year-old girl can kill two grown men.
Mulder: Well, individuals with strong past-life memories often exhibit enhanced psychic abilities - ESP, telekinesis.
Scully: So where does that leave us?
Mulder: One short step away from proving the pre-existence of the human soul.

Episode Number: 22
Season Number: 1
First Aired: Friday April 29, 1994
Production Code: 1X21

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