09 March 2007

Season 1: Tooms (1X20)

Writers: Glen Morgan and James Wong
Director: David Nutter

Agent Scully reports to Assistant Director Skinner and the mysterious Cigarette Smoking Man, who tell her that the X-files cases must be investigated using proper FBI procedures. Scully tells them that the very nature of the X-files warrants the use of unorthodox means of investigation.

Meanwhile a psychiatric board convenes a parole hearing for mutant killer Eugene Tooms, Mulder testifies at the hearing to tell them how dangerous Tooms is. But the board members question Mulder's credibility when he tells them Toom's murder spree spans 100 years, and released Tooms back in to the community. Mulder is sure that Tooms will attempt to get his fifth and final liver as soon as possible and then go in to a thirty year hibernation. He carries out his own unauthorised surveillance of Tooms.

Meanwhile Scully joins retired detective Frank Briggs, who investigated the previous murders in 1933 and 1963 in an attempt to find evidence to prove Tooms is responsible. Mulder's foils Tooms' attempt to kill a man in his house. But Tooms uses his ability to manipulate his body to fake wounds and goes to the police. Mulder is charged with assaulting Tooms, but Scully vouches for his innocents and Mulder is released but told to stay away from Tooms. Scully's investigation has been more successful, she managed to match Tooms' dental records to a bite mark found on a 1933 victim's ribcage. But can they arrest Tooms before he gets his final liver and goes in to hibernation.

This is the first episode that the Cigarette Smoking Man speaks in.
This episode marks the first appearance of Assistant Director Walter Skinner; who would later become a central character in the series.
This episode is a sequel to "Squeeze". This episode is sometimes called "Squeeze II" in some TV listings.
The movie Mulder is watching in his apartment is the original version of The Fly (1948). The movie was directed by Kurt Neumann.
This episode marks the first time a serial killer has returned for a sequel. The other two killers are Robert Modell ("Pusher" and "Kitsunegari") and Donny Pfaster ("Irresistible" and "Orison").

Mulder: If there's an ice tea in that bag, could be love.
Scully: Must be fate, Mulder. Root beer.

Mulder: They're out to put an end to the X-Files, Scully. I don't know why, but any excuse will do. Now, I don't really care about my record, but you'd be in trouble just for sitting in this car and I'd hate to see you to carry an official reprimand in your file because of me.
Scully: Fox....
Mulder: I... I... even made my parents call me "Mulder".
Scully: Mulder, I wouldn't put myself on the line for anybody but you.

Episode Number: 21
Season Number: 1
First Aired: Friday April 22, 1994
Production Code: 1X20

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