17 March 2007

Season 2: One Breath (2X08)

Writers: Glen Morgan and James Wong
Director: R. W. Goodwin

Scully appears in the Georgetown Medical Centre, Washington without any explanation for her condition. She is unconscious and on life support in a critical condition. Mulder feels helpless as her mother Margaret and sister Melissa make decisions about her condition, as a doctor Scully had specific criteria for the termination of life support, her living will which Mulder witnessed states she would not want to live in her current condition.

Frohike from The Lone Gunman visits the hospital and steals Scully's medical chart. The Lone Gunman study the chart and inform Mulder that Scully's blood is contaminated with redundant DNA the result of genetic experimentation, the outlook is not good. Mulder sees a man taking a vial of Scully's blood from the hospital and chases him. In the basement car park he fights with the man before X emerges from the shadows and kills the man. X warns Mulder to desist from his investigation of the people responsible for Scully's condition.

Scully's family honour her wishes and terminate the life support keeping her alive. Mulder visits Assistant Director Skinner and demands the mysterious Cigarette Smoking Man's address, who he believes to be responsible. Mulder visits the Cigarette Smoking Man and pulls a gun on him. But Mulder realises killing him will not help Scully and will only make Mulder more like the shadowy men who work against him. Later he receives a phone call informing him that Scully has regained consciousness.

Originally Melissa, Scully's sister, was considered to be a romantic interest for Mulder, however the idea was later nixed.

The character 'Nurse Owens' was named after writer Glen Morgan's grandmother.

Scully says in "Beyond the Sea" that her father was a Captain in the Navy, but when he appears in her dream-like state, he is wearing the stars of an Admiral. Of course, there may be an explanation for this in the fact that it is Scully's dream.

William Scully: Hello Starbuck. It's Ahab. People would say to me. 'Life is short. Kids, they grow up fast. Before you know it, it's over.' I never listened. To me, life went at a proper pace of many rewards. Until the moment that I knew, I understood, I would never see you again, my little girl. Then my life felt as if it had been the length of one breath, one heartbeat. I never knew how much I loved my daughter until I could never tell her. In that moment I would have traded every medal, every commendation, every promotion, for one more second with you. We'll be together again, Starbuck. But not now. Soon.

Mulder: Sit down!
CSM: How'd you find me?
Mulder: Shut up! Tonight, I ask the questions! You're going to answer me, you son of a bitch!
CSM: Don't try and threaten me, Mulder. I've watched presidents die.
Mulder: Why her? Why her and not me? . . . Answer me!
CSM: I like you. I like her too. That's why she was returned to you.
Mulder: You should be the one to die.
CSM: Why? Look at me. No wife, no family, some power. I'm in the game because I believe what I'm doing is right.
Mulder: Right? Who are you to decide what's right?
CSM: Who are you? If people were to know the things I know, they would all fall apart. I told Skinner you shot the man in the hospital, but I didn't really believe it. And here you are with a gun to my head. I have more respect for you, Mulder. You're becoming a player. You can kill me now, but you'll never know the truth. (Mulder wants to shoot, but doesn't) . . . and that's why I'll win. Don't worry. This'll be our secret. We wouldn't want others to . . . start rumors.

Episode Number: 32
Season Number: 2
First Aired: Friday November 11, 1994
Production Code: 2X08

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