19 March 2007

Season 2: Red Museum (2X10)

Writer: Chris Carter
Director: Win Phelps

Mulder and Scully are called in to investigate by a local sheriff after a number of Wisconsin teenagers are found walking in the woods in their underwear, drugged and with the phrase 'He is one' or 'She is one' written on their bodies. Sheriff Mazeroski believes a local religious cult called the Church of the Red Museum is responsible.

They came to the area three years before and bought a ranch, being vegitarian they turned the cattle in to pets, which caused a lot of resentment with local cattle ranchers. But after going to see them Mulder informs Scully they are 'walkins', who believe in soul transference, that enlightened souls take over other peoples bodies. Mulder doubts their complicity, however he notices their presence causes a lot of tension in the local community. An old man shows Mulder and Scully cattle being injected with a genetically modified growth hormone, which he claims has made the local people very aggressive.

The case takes a dramatic turn when the local doctor is killed in a light aircraft accident. His briefcase contains thousands of dollars, details of local families and a phial of liquid. Later identified as similar to the substance found in ''The Erlenmeyer Flask''. It would appear that Dr. Larson was injected local children with the contents of the phial. And that the attacks on the teenagers was an attempt by a local paedophile to draw attention to these experiments. But they have to move fast as the evidence begins to disappear and witnesses start to die.

The cult leader in this episode that is set in 1994 speaks of a final judgement eighteen years in the future. This would set the cult's apocalypse in 2012, the year given in "The Truth" for the the final alien colonization of Earth.

Scully: File number XWC060361. The identity of the man shot in the slaughterhouse has yet to be determined. His name, any record or artifact of his past, present or immigration status have yet to be found. His fingerprints are not on file in either the F.B.I. or National System of Records. At this time, it remains doubtful that anyone will come forward to I.D. or claim the body... Under further analysis, the inoculant found in the broken vials was isolated and determined to be an unstable antibody of no known biological origin. After three weeks of study, the components of the serum, probably synthetic, have broken down structurally and, in this retrograde state, cannot be analyzed further. This coincides with the development of a severe and undiagnosed flu-like ailment affecting the children who were believed to be inoculated and some of the local families.... To date, none of the congregants or members of the Church of the Red Museum have contracted this illness. I suspect whoever was doing this may have been using them as a control group. The F.B.I. investigation into this case is currently at a standstill. The case remains open and unsolved.

Episode Number: 34
Season Number: 2
First Aired: Friday December 9, 1994
Production Code: 2X10

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