11 September 2007

Season 7: En Ami (7X15)

Written by: William B. Davis
Directed by: Rob Bowman

Mulder and Scully investigate the case of a young boy's miraculous cure in Goochland, Virginia after Scully discovers a newspaper outside her apartment highlighting the case. The boy's parent's religious beliefs prevented their son Jason, who was suffering from cancer, from seeking medical treatment. Scully interviews the boy Jason, who tells her that some angels, who looked like men, told him not to be afraid and then pinched him on the back of the neck.

Scully examines his neck and finds evidence of a wound, indicating the possibility that he has a chip implanted there. When Scully returns to her car, she is shocked to find the Cigarette Smoking Man waiting, he claims to have saved Jason's life, like he saved Scully's life, and that he was the person who sent the newspaper to alert her to the case.

He also tells Scully that he is dying and wants to pass on the cure to her. Scully does not fully trust the Cigarette Smoking Man, but the chance to get hold of a cure for cancer is something she, as a doctor can not ignore. Scully calls Mulder to tell him she will be out of town for a few days on a family emergency.

Mulder worried by Scully's behaviour confides in Assistant Director Skinner about his concerns. With the help of the Lone Gunman, they discover evidence on Scully's computer that someone has been forging e-mail from her to a contact in the Department of Defense named Cobra. Mulder fears that the Cigarette Smoking Man is behind it and that Scully's life is in danger.

This episode was written by William B. Davis, who plays the Cigarette Smoking Man in the series.

This is the last X-Files episode to be directed by Rob Bowman who has directed over thirty episodes since season 1, including the feature movie.

'En Ami' is French for "as a friend", somewhat ironic since phonetically it sounds like "enemy".

On the correspondence that Mulder receives, his email address is shown as 'fmulder@fbi.gov.net'.

Cameron McPeck: You're looking at God's work. Jason's life owes to his Grace and exalts his name in the highest. Praise the Lord.
Irene McPeck: Praise the Lord.
Jason McPeck: Praise the Lord.
Scully: And you say that you saw angels?
Jason McPeck: Yes.
Scully: May I ask what they looked like?
Jason McPeck: They looked like men. They came from the sky in a ball of light.
Scully: And what did they say?
Jason McPeck: They said not to be afraid. Then one of them pinched me kind of hard and then I was better right away.
Scully: He pinched you? Where?
Jason McPeck: Right here.
(He points to the back of his neck. Scully examines him and finds a fresh scar at the base of the neck)

Scully: What the hell are you doing?
Smoking Man: God's work, what else?
Scully: Get out of my car!
Smoking Man: I'd hoped for more accommodation toward the man that saved that young boy's life... and yours.
Scully: You got your light. Now get out.
Smoking Man: You're not at all curious? About the chip that's been put in that boy's neck? You, a medical doctor, who has the same technology in your body? Has witnessed this wondrous 'miracle' first-hand? I've taken considerable trouble to prove my intentions. The newspaper at your door. The email to Mulder. The elaborate demonstration of curing this boy's cancer. You see, I'm dying myself. A dying man who wants to make right; to share his secrets; to bequeath this cure to millions of others just like that boy.
Scully: So you want to give it to us.
Smoking Man: To you, Agent Scully. I've tired of Mulder's mule-headedness — his foolish ideas of overthrowing the system.
Scully: You think I'm fooled by this?
Smoking Man: I've made you my offer. Agent Mulder hears a breath of this rest assured, I'll rescind it... take it to my grave.

Scully: You're going to smoke?
Smoking Man: It's time I quit.
Scully: Just like that.
Smoking Man: No sacrifice is purely altruistic. We give expecting to receive.
Scully: What exactly is it you expect to receive?
Smoking Man: Your trust. You question my sincerity. You think I'm heartless. Would it soften your opinion of me if I confessed that I've always had a particular affection for you? I assure you my intentions are honourable. I have affection for Mulder, too. My affection for you is special. I held your life in my hands. Your cancer was terminal. I had a cure. Can you imagine what that's like — to have the power to extinguish a life or to save it and let it flourish? Now, to give you that power, so you can do the same.

Skinner: She requisitioned a fleet sedan when she left the bureau yesterday. I don't know why and there have been no fuel charges.
Mulder: Her mother doesn't know anything about a family emergency.
Skinner: Look, I know you're worried about the company that she's in, but from what you've told me it's not like she's sneaking out. The truth is, she's gone to a lot of trouble to allay your fears.
Mulder: I know she can take care of herself. It's just not like her to lie to me.
Skinner: That's my private line. (answering phone) Skinner.
Scully: Sir?
Skinner: Agent Scully, where are you?
Scully: I'm on the road. Um, I'm sorry to call you on this line.
Skinner: No, it's all right. It's just we've been worried about you.
Scully: Everything's okay. I just wanted you to express that to Mulder.
Skinner: Well, he's standing right here. Why don't you do that yourself?
Scully: No, sir. That's all right. Can you tell him that I'll call him later? Just, just tell him that I'm fine. (She hangs up)
Skinner: She says she's fine.
Mulder: She's in trouble.

Scully: He was here! These were his offices. What the hell is this?
Mulder: He used you.
Scully: Mulder, he laid it all out for me. I recorded it. I mailed you the tape. This old woman, Marjorie Butters, I met her. I saw her pictures, her birth certificate...
Mulder: You saw what you needed to see in order to make you believe.
Scully: Well, then what about this boy? This boy with cancer? You can't deny that. That's undeniable proof.
Mulder: Even if we could convince his parents to let us march him out how long before that chip in his neck mysteriously disappears? This was the perfectly executed con, Scully. The only thing I can't figure out is why you're still alive.
Scully: Mulder, I looked into his eyes. I swear what he told me was true.
Mulder: He did it all for himself — to get the science on that disk. His sincerity was a mask, Scully. The man's motives never changed.
Scully: You think he used me to save himself — at the expense of the human race.
Mulder: No, he knows what that science is worth, how powerful it is. He'd let nothing stand in his way.
Scully: You may be right... but for a moment, I saw something else in him. A longing for something more than power. Maybe for something he could never have.

Highlights from ''En Ami''

Episode Number: 154
Season Number: 7
First Aired: Sunday, March 19, 2000
Production Code: 7X15

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I have no real qualms about this episode but I've been looking for an answer to its significance. It was included on the 'Colonization' Mythology set and it has relatively not real mythology aspects to it. Thought maybe someone else has any ideas as to its significance.