05 September 2007

Season 7: X-Cops (7X12)

Written by: Vince Gilligan
Directed by: Michael Watkins
The Cops film crew are on a ride along with Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputy Keith Wetzel, when reports come in of a woman who claims that a claw monster is prowling around outside her house. Deputy Wetzel explains to the film crew that they always get crazy stuff happening when there is a full moon. Arriving at the scene, they find the hysterical woman locked in her house and evidence that something tried to break in. Moments later they are attacked and the deputy's car is flipped over.

As other officers arrive on scene to assist deputy Wetzel, reports come in of two armed suspects, the film crew join the police as they rush to the scene. The two suspects identify themselves as FBI agents Mulder and Scully, working on a case in the area. Mulder explains to the police officers that there have been reports of sightings of something prowling in the neighbourhood over the last 60 days, always on nights with a full moon.

Descriptions from witnesses of a large fur covered animal standing on it's hind legs, indicating the possibility that the creature is a werewolf. The Sergeant asks to see Mulder's badge again! Scully is concerned about Mulder's theory being aired by the film crew but Mulder likes the idea of finding evidence of the paranormal on national television. However his werewolf theory seems less likely as more attacks occur but witnesses describe their attacker as being there worst fear personified. But can they solve the case before the full moon sets.

As always, Vince finds a way to get his girlfriend's name (Holly) into his episodes. In this case, the police first find Mulder and Scully on Holly Street.

When Mulder is trying to break up the fight between Steve and Edy, he sits down and says "Let's all relax." During this scene, David Duchovny starts to laugh but manages to regain his composure and finish the scene.

The names of the characters Steve and Edy in this episode are a reference to Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme, a husband and wife singing duo in the 60's and 70's, known popularly as just "Steve and Eydie".

Mulder: Look at that. Excuse me. Look at this. It's like five claw marks. Just like the human hand has five fingers. Pretty much the same spread, too.
Sergeant Duthie: Agent, you seriously believe we're looking for some kind of a...?
Mulder: I'll show you. This... this is what Hyman Escalara described just before succumbing to his injuries. Ten to one that's what Mrs Guerrero's going to describe, too.
Deputy Molina: Sir? Sir? We got your suspect.
(Ricky Koehler rips the drawing out his notebook. It is a representation of 'Nightmare on Elm Street's' Freddy Kreuger)
Mrs Guerrero: Claw monster. Claw monster.
Deputy Molina: Claw monster. Boy, you know, they kill him in every movie and he just keeps coming back. I'm sorry.
Mulder: This is strange.
Sergeant Duthie: Gracias, Mrs Guerrero. (to Mulder) We're looking for gangbangers.

Mulder: So, apparently, we're on the lookout for someone whose hair matches her fingernails — bubblegum pink. That'd be a good colour for you, Scully. (to camera crew) I'd have to say that at, uh, this point in the investigation I'm usually a little more secure in what it is we're actually investigating but we've had so many conflicting eyewitness reports that it's hard to ascertain exactly what it is we're looking for... But the crimes we are investigating are paranormal. Uh, I can say that... with absolute conviction um, and the nature of these crimes they're notoriously hard to quantify on any kind of regular scientific level as Agent Scully will tell you.
Scully: Oh, yeah.
Mulder: Yeah, which in it... in it... in its own way is a... is a kind of a validation if you think about it, in and of itself, uh, but, you know, that's our job. That's why they pay us the big bucks.

Deputy Wetzel: We any closer to an arrest?
Scully: I'm afraid not. Mulder, what next?
Mulder: Well, I'd say we should station a couple of deputies out here but I don't think it's coming back here. We're just playing catch-up with this thing. It doesn't do what you'd expect. And, uh, well, we've got four or five hours till the moon sets. The attacks only occur on the full moon, then we're out of luck.
Scully: Well, I want to examine Chantara Gomez.
Mulder: For a possible contagion?
Scully: Your 'contagion of fear'?
Mulder: Yeah.
Scully: No.
Mulder: No?
Scully: But if I can't figure out what this thing was at least I can figure out what it wasn't.
Mulder: All right. Make it fast. Fill that tank up with gas. (to Deputy Wetzel) Uh, Deputy, you're the only person who's seen this twice so I'd like to ride with you, if you don't mind."
Deputy Wetzel: Let's go.
Mulder: Thanks.

Clip from ''X-Cops''

Episode Number: 151
Season Number: 7
First Aired: Sunday, February 20, 2000
Production Code: 7X12

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