10 February 2007

From the begining... 1945 - 1947 (05)

Harry Cokley, of Terrance, Nebraska, is convicted of rape and attempted murder and sentenced to McAlister Penitentiary after carving the word "sister" with razor on the chest of Linda Tibideaux of Edmund, Nebraska. Tibideaux survives the assault, and has Cokley's son nine months later. Given up for adoption, the child is given the name Raymond Morrow. Authorities do not connect the case with Sam Chaney's case in Aubrey, Missouri, in 1942. (Aubrey)

April 26, 1945
The Joint Chiefs of Staff issue Order 1067 to General Dwight David Eisenhower to "preserve from destruction and take under your control records, plans, documents, papers, files and scientific, industrial and other information and data belonging to...German organizations engaged in military research." The effort is known as Operation Paper Clip and includes 127 German scientists and engineers including Werner von Braun. (Historical)

Apparently included in this group is Victor Klemper, who had conducted gruesome experiments on Jewish prisoners in concentration camps. There are allegations he may have experimented on combining human and alien DNA, then or later. (731 & Nisei)

Early August 1945
A B-29 transporting a nuclear bomb similar to those used on Japan, and an escort squadron of P-51 Mustangs, crash after an encounter with a triangular-shaped UFO, known to pilots as a Foo Fighter, that also crashes, at 171E, 42N, part way between the western Hawaiian Islands and the Aleutians. (Date is based on Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings, followed by Japanese surrender August 14, 1945.)
The United States submarine Zeus Faber, under Captain Sandford and XO Johansen, is dispatched to locate the planes, which it does. When a Japanese destroyer approaches, the submarine hides on silent running, and crew members develop radiation burns. Sandford is taken over by an alien that can occupy human bodies, and appears to the crew to be acting irrationally. The alien resides in 50 weight diesel oil, as a medium. When it occupies a human body, it gives the appearance of diesel oil within the eyeball.
Johanson seals the Captain in the ward room, and takes the submarine back to Pearl Harbor. The other crew in the ward room kill Sandford, and diesel oil evacuates the body. Of 144 men, only 7 survive, some of whom are hospitalized for years. They never receive an explanation. Johansen remains on active duty, so apparently is not disciplined for technical mutiny.
The UFO, the aircraft and the nuclear bomb are all left in place on the ocean floor. The alien may or may not have returned to America. (Piper Maru, Apocrypha, 731 & Nisei)
Note: Zeus Faber is the name of a deep sea fish that changes color to blend into its surroundings.

September, 1945
German scientists from the V2 base at Peenemunde in the US under Operation Paper Clip arrive at Fort Strong, Mass. The first group of seven men includes Werner von Braun. Many of the Germans are eventually relocated to White Sands, New Mexico, where 100 captured V2 rockets are reassembled and tested. (Historical)

J. Edgar Hoover opens the very first Unexplained Phenomenon case, dealing with lycanthropy. During World War II a series of murders occurs around the Northwest, including seven in Browning, Montana. Each victim is ripped to shreds and eaten, as if by a wild animal. Several of the victims, however, were found at home, as if they had invited their killer into their homes. In Glacier National Park, authorities corner what they believe is this animal in a cabin. They shoot it, but when they enter the cabin to retrieve the dead animal they find only the body of Richard Watkins. The murders stop. Hoover locks the cases away in the X-Files, because they are unsolved. A 16 year old Trego Indian boy named Ish briefly sees the animal transform near Watkin's house and believes it to be a werewolf. (Shapes)

The Unexplained Phenomenon cases are initially filed under "U" in the Washington DC FBI office. They will later be moved to the roomier "X" drawer and will come to be known as "X-Files". (Travelers)

Circa 1946, Walter Chaco settles in Dudley, Arkansas, and begins building the chicken processing plant that becomes the major employer in the community. He slowly begins teaching his neighbors what he learned in New Guinea about prolonging life via cannibalism. (Our Town)

December 3, 1946
Bert and Loretta Barry's first child is born in Greensboro, NC. The boy, who would later become an FBI agent as an adult, is christened Duane. (Duane Berry)

An X-File is opened on the Jersey Devil case after a man is dragged off by an unknown animal while changing a car tire in the New Jersey woods. Search teams with dogs find his body with a leg eaten off. Nearby, officers corner the animal in a cave and shoot it, but it turns out to be a large naked man. An autopsy reveals that he has bits of human flesh in his stomach. (The Jersey Devil)

June 24, 1947
A civilian pilot flying over the Cascade Mountains in the State of Washington observes nine flying disc-shaped aircraft traveling in formation at a high rate of speed. Although this is not the first known sighting of such objects, it is the first to gain widespread attention in the public media. Hundreds of reports of sightings of similar objects follow, leading to the first major "UFO Flap" in the United States. (Historical)

June 29-July 2, 1947
One of two brothers named Arthur Dales (not the one in the FBI in the 1950s) is a police officer in Roswell, NM, and is assigned to protect negro baseball star Josh Exley from racist threats that the game of baseball should be kept white. Exley plays for an all-negro team called the Roswell Grays. Dales ends up traveling on the team bus, and at night, in a lightning storm, Exley's reflection in the bus window appears to be the image of a gray alien. The next day, during a game, Exley is hit on the head with a ball and knocked out. He murmers words in an unknown language and claims to be from Macon, Georgia. Dales finds green acid on the glove used to cushion Exley's head and sends it off to be tested. Dales calls the Macon police and learns that Josh Exley was a six year old child that disappeared about the time Exley arrived in Roswell. The Macon police officer Dales talks with is really a bounty hunter. Exley denies to Dales that he was ever in Macon. Dales thinks Exley "tanked" the game that day because American League scouts were there and he did not want to be recruited into the major leagues, because Exley has a secret.
That night, Dales sees a gray alien in Exley's room, wearing a baseball cap and holding a bat. Dales faints at the sight, but the alien wakes him up and tells him he is Exley -- this is his real face. Exley morphs into a pretty girl to prove his claim. The next day they talk more. Exley says his people guard their privacy and don't allow intermingling, but when he discovered baseball he immediately fell in love. The bounty hunter arrives in Roswell, looking for Exley. Posing as Exley, he goes to the lab and kills the lab technician who was testing the acid on the glove. Dales finds Exley and warns him that a witness claims he killed a man. Exley says he talked "with his family" and they want him to come home. He leaves, supposedly to go back home, and several "men in black" question Dales.
Exley actually, however, returns to the baseball team and plays a night game. After a home run, several men in the white sheets of the Ku Klux Klan and carrying guns ride up on horses. Exley has become a very good player and the KKK wants to keep the game of baseball white-only. They threaten Exley, but the white baseball team overcomes the klansmen, one of whom, knocked unconscious, is seen to be a gray alien. Everyone else runs off and Exley confronts the bounty hunter, who quickly awakes. The bounty hunter says he warned Exley and tells him to show his true face so he can die with honor. Exley does not morph. Dales drives up as Exley is killed. The bounty hunter escapes and Dales concentrates on Exley, who is dying. Exley warns Dales that his blood is like acid, but Dales finds only red blood. Exley apparently loved the game of baseball so much that it transformed him into a human, but Mulder can't figure out if the story is metaphorical. (All events described by Dales to Mulder in The Unnatural.)

July, 1947
The alleged Roswell New Mexico UFO incident, on or about this date. On July 8 a news release is issued from Roswell Army Air Field claiming to have recovered a crashed "disk." The following day, however, another news release says it was actually the remains of a weather balloon. Eye witness reports that surface later suggest as many as three UFO landing or crash sites in New Mexico at about this time -- one just north of Roswell, one 75 miles northwest and one 175 miles west. (Historical accounts.)

In Deep Throat, Mulder shows Scully what he claims is a photograph of this UFO. It is triangular in shape, similar that the shape seen in several other episodes.
In Requiem, the Cigarette Smoking Man mentions "Roswell and Corona." "Corona" is reputed to be the crash site of a second UFO at about the same time as the Roswell crash. "Corona" may also be a reference to a secret project conducted in the Roswell area. "Corona" has been described by the US government as its first satellite reconnaisance, for which several components were tested in high altitude balloon flights. High altitude balloons are often considered by UFO theorists as coverups for UFO incidents.
Deep Throat later says that alien DNA was first obtained in 1947, but that Roswell was a smoke screen, and that a half dozen better samples were obtained between 1947 and 1994. (The Erlenmeyer Flask)

In The Unnatural, Mulder says Josh Exley disappeared without a trace, although he was seen to be killed by the Bounty Hunter. Did the men in black recover his body, then stage a UFO hoax to cover their tracks?
In Two Fathers, several references are made to "50 years, since Roswell." Regardless of whether it was a UFO crash or not, apparently contact is made at Roswell between the alien colonists and the government.
As a result of whatever happens at Roswell, a secret government project begins within the State Department to investigate and study the aliens. The Project is staffed with German scientists given immunity from war crimes and allowed to continue the eugenic experiments of the Third Reich. Japanese scientists also participate in the work. (Anasazi)

The early experiments of the scientists were apparently highly unethical, causing human subjects to be greatly deformed. Eventually these initial victims, known as "The Merchandise" are gassed to death and their bodies left in a railroad refrigeration car, buried in a quarry on the Navaho reservation. Victor Klemper is one of the German scientists involved in this work. (The Blessing Way)

Less than nine months after the Roswell crash, according to Mulder, the scientists of the Philadelphia Experiment reportedly cause the USS Eldridge to disappear from Philadelphia and reappear in Norfolk, Virginia. Mulder believes they were manipulating naturally-occurring wormholes. (Dod Kalm)

Deep Throat also says a super-secret meeting of representatives of many nations meets in 1947 to agree that any alien survivors of UFO crashes shall be exterminated. (E.B.E.) At another time, he says this order was from Security Council Resolution 1013. (Musings...)

In light of later revelations that the aliens are Colonists, intent on the extermination of enslavement of the human race, this agreement/order makes sense.
In End Game, the Samantha clone claims that two aliens come to Earth in the 1940s and produced several identical clones as progeny, known later as the Gregor clones. Samantha claims that the aliens were combining human and alien DNA in order to eliminate their identical nature. She says that they believe that the human stewardship of the planet is being forsaken and that they will become the natural heirs of the planet. The clone may have been misleading Mulder, but there may also be some germ of truth in the story.

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