11 February 2007

From the begining... 1950 - 1955 (06)

Use of radiation to treat various ailments is common, because the medical profession does not understand the dangers. Certain governmental agencies conduct testing of radioactive treatments on civilians without their informed consent. (Historical)

According to Deep Throat, the federal government learns that the Soviets are experimenting with eugenics in order to attempt to develop a super soldier. In reaction, the government somehow manages to clone two people. Eight sets of boy and girl clones are born and raised in a controlled compound at a place called Litchfield. The project comes to be called the Litchfield Experiment. The boys are called Adam and the girls Eve. (Eve)

In McMinnville, Oregon, a UFO is photographed above a field. This photograph is the first picture shown in the X-Files opening credits.

In Christmas Carol, Scully dreams that her mother, Margaret, tells about being given a cross necklace at about the same age by her mother. Given Margaret's apparent age, and the ages at which her children were born, this gift was probably given to Margaret by Dana Scully's grandmother in the 50s.
Young military officers Bill Mulder and Alvin Kurtzweil are recruited to "the Project." Kurtzweil eventually becomes disillusioned, and leaves. He becomes an OB/GYN doctor, and publishes several books about doomsday ahead, but he is generally discounted. Bill Mulder remains with the Project for many years, operating under the cover of being employed by the State Department. Mulder, however, has ethical problems with the way the Project is run. (Movie)
As a "young man," Navaho Albert Hosteen finds a body in a quarry on his reservation. It is strangely disfigured and even the buzzards will not eat it. Albert may not realize that nearby is a buried railroad refrigeration car containing dozens of similar bodies. (Anasazi, The Blessing Way, Paperclip)(The date is very uncertain, but it would presumably be within a few years after the Operation Paperclip scientists begin their experimentation with human and alien DNA, and certainly after Roswell in 1947.)

Walter Sergei Skinner is born. (Date based on the age of actor Mitch Pileggi, which is consistent with Skinner being in Vietnam at age 18, in 1970. Middle name given in Tunguska.)

The first Unexplained File dealing with what comes to be known as the "Moth Men" case is opened. The case involved primitive-looking men with glowing red eyes.(Detour)

June, 1952
One of two brothers named Arthur Dale (not the one who was a police officer in Roswell, NM) and his partner, Agent Hayes Michel, arrest Edward Skur for failing to appear before the House Un-American Activities Committee of the US Congress. Dale is later told that Skur has hung himself in his jail cell and there are photographs that it is later discovered are fake. Dale goes to the Skur home to tell Mrs. Skur of her husband's death, but encounters Edward Skur there. They struggle and Dale sees something attempting to emerge from Skur's mouth, but there is a disturbance and Skur runs off. Dale files his report but the HUAC prosecutor, Mr. Cohn, convinces him to change his report to not identify Skur, saying that some things must be kept from the public.
Skur's name keeps coming up in Dale's life. He and Michels are called to the home of a former German scientist who is dead with all of the internal organs of his body missing. A note Dale finds there summons Dale to a secret meeting with Bill Mulder who tells him that Skur is a patriot. He and two other men had something done to them against their will and Skur wants vengeance. It becomes clear to Dale that HUAC is a cover-up for a more sinister conspiracy within the American government. Skur thinks Dale and Michel are part of the plot against him. Dale calls Michel's home, but Skur has already been there and Michel is dead. Viewers see some kind of living organism exit Skur's mouth to kill Michel -- apparently entering his body and destroying the internal organs.
Later, when Dale is at the Michel crime scene, Cohn arrives and proclaims "national security" to have the body removed. Dale investigates the other two men identified by Bill Mulder. One, Gissing, was found dead in the last few days alongside another German scientist, whose internal organs were all missing. An autopsy finds a living organism inside Gissing's throat, held in by sutures. Dale calls on Mrs. Skur and accuses her of knowing her husband is still alive. He says Skur was the victim of Xenotransplantation -- the process of grafting another living organism into a human body. He says German scientists experimented with it during WWII. When Dale leaves, Mrs. Skur goes to her husband in a backyard fallout shelter, the organism emerges from his mouth and kills her.
Dale is taken to J. Edgar Hoover who lectures him about the communist threat and gives Dales one chance to save himself. He is sent to an arranged meeting with Skur, wearing a hidden transmitter. Bill Mulder is one of the escorts to the meeting site. Skur tells Dale that "they" want Dale dead. They fight and the organism begins to emerge from Skur's mouth but Dale manages to handcuff Skur and escape death.
Bill Mulder eventually helps Skur escape captivity. (Travelers)

July 19 & 26, 1952
UFOs buzz Washington D.C. - a pilot reports seeing unexplained objects, radar at two local Air Force bases -- Andrews and Bolling - picks up the UFOs, and two Air Force F-94 jets streaked through the skies, searching for flying saucers. A week later, it happens again - more UFOs on the radar screen, more jets scrambled over Washington. Across America, the story of jets chasing UFOs over the White House knocks the Korean War and the presidential campaign off the front pages of newspapers. "'Saucer' Outran Jet, Pilot Reveals," reads the banner headline in The Washington Post. "JETS CHASE D.C. SKY GHOSTS," screams the New York Daily News. "AERIAL WHATZITS BUZZ D.C. AGAIN!" exclaims the Washington Daily News.

Beginning this year, Majestic begins flying aircraft using antigravity propulsion systems. It is learned that antigravity propulsion operates by bending space-time. It is also learned that lost time is a common symptom of close proximity to antigravity propulsion systems.(Dreamland)(Dreamland is not clear, but the antigravity propulsion system is apparently based on UFO technology. If so, the technology was apparently obtained after the Roswell crash.)

April, 1955
Lockheed Company searches for remote site to test the U-2. It is decided to place a runway at the south end of Groom Lake. Work begins on the facility there under the direction of Lockheed Skunk Works. Groom Lake, is sometimes also known as Area 51 or Dreamland, is the testing grounds for top secret conventional aircraft such as the SR-71 Blackbird and the F-117A fighter. (Published accounts)
At some point, the testing of antigravity propulsion systems based on alien technology is moved to Groom Lake.(Dreamland)

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