11 February 2007

From the begining... 1956 - 1962 (07)

A group of five hunters in Montana is attacked by a creature that appears to be half man and half bat. Five people die or disappear. In some cases, body parts are found later at a significant distance from the body. Ernie Stefaniuk is attacked by the man-bat, but the man-bat is eventually killed. Another man-bat begins stalking Ernie who soon goes into hiding that will last until the year 2000. His wife, Ariel, goes into hiding with him on an island. Ernie forbids her to tell her mother where they have gone. Ernie's brother, Myron, sends supplies to the island via a raft that is pulled across the water like a ferry. Ernie has deep gouge wounds on his face, possibly from the initial attack or a later encounter with the man-bat. (Patience)

June 20, 1958
Public Land Order 1662 is enacted by Roger Ernst, Assistant Secretary of the Interior, withdrawing 38,400 acres (60 square miles) around Groom Lake for use "by the Atomic Energy Commission in connection with the Nevada Test Site." The area, 6 miles North/South and 10 miles East/West, form the first "box" around the Groom base.(Published accounts)

John Doggett is born, based on turning 18 in 1977, which is inferred from his resume seen in Within. (Depending on when his birthday is during the year, he might have been born in 1958.)

Clyde Bruckman has tickets to a Buddy Holly and Big Bopper concert, but they die in an airplane crash in Iowa. He obsesses on the events that lead to the Big Bopper's death and gradually becomes able to predict the circumstances of other people's death. (Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose)

A third series of murders in the northwest, in which the victims are ripped to shreds and eaten. The case remains unsolved. (Shapes)

Circa 1960, Albert Tanner is born. He has the unique ability to regenerate injuries to his body, and must consume cancer in order to survive. Mulder will later speculate that Tanner is a mutation that incorporates cancer into the "normal" condition of Tanner's body. (Leonard Betts.)

According to the Bounty Hunter posing as Ambrose Chapel, early in the cold war the Soviets gain the capability of cloning in a program called "Gregor." (Colony and End Game)

January 1961
The Cigarette Smoking Man aids the President of the Congo in the assassination of Patrice Lumumba. (Musings...)

April, 1961
The Bay of Pigs invasion, in which the American government secretly supports an invasion of Cuba by expatriates at the Cienaga de Zapata swamps of Las Villas Province, Cuba. The invasion fails when the anticipated popular uprising does not occur. Many of the invasion forces had been trained by the Cigarette Smoking Man, who meets E. Howard Hunt during this training. (Historical and Musings...)

May, 1961
Cigarette Smoking Man aides Dominican locals in the assassination of Raphael Trujio. (Musings...)

September, 1961
Betty and Barney Hill have an encounter with a UFO on a rural stretch of highway between Lancaster and Concord, New Hampshire. They experience missing time, and over the months become more and more disturbed about the events. Finally, in 1964, they undergo a series of hypnotic regression sessions, with a trained psychiatrist. Under hypnosis, they independently confirm each others stories of being taken on board a UFO and subjected to tests. The psychologist concludes that the experiences may have been based in a dream by Betty, and that Barney may have absorbed his account from her descriptions of her dream. Betty and Barney, however, finish the therapy with the definite opinion that they were abducted. (The Interrupted Journey, by John G. Fuller)

October 13, 1961
Fox William Mulder is born on Friday the 13th, son of William and Teena Mulder. The family home is in Chilmark, on Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, within commuting range of Otis Air Force Base and Camp Edwards Military Reservation on the mainland. The family also has a summer home in Qounochontaug, RI, (pronounced QUAN-uh-kah-tagh) near US Highway 1 in southwest Rhode Island. William Mulder allegedly works for the State Department, but in fact is deeply involved in the work of The Conspiracy. Fox presently discovers he is red-green color blind. (Bill Mulder calls Fox a one year old in a Musings... scene identified as October 1962. Some fan sources once gave October 11th as Fox's birthday. The 13th was on the file folder in Paperclip, and repeated on the driver's license in Small Potatoes.)

In "The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati" the Cigarette Smoking Man claims to be Fox Mulder's father. Later in the episode, Diana Fowley makes a statement confirming the claim. The circumstances are not clear.
In Theef Mulder mentions his grandfather slurping soup, indicating that at least one of his grandfathers was still alive in Mulder's youth.

William and Maggie Scully are married in this year, or earlier. A favorite song of William's, Beyond the Sea, is used in the ceremony, recognizing that he is an officer in the US Navy.

Melissa Scully is born. (Based on her grave stone, seen in Apocrypha.)

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